Liquor Specials 6/27-6/5

   LIQUEUR , LIQUOR From Jagir :

     1) VEEV Acai / Spirit liqueur, with exotic ingredients blended with the Acai, using the famous, healthy Acai berry from Brazil , $27.99, with 30% alcohol by volume, made in Rigby, Idaho, what a refreshing drink, enjoy mixed and in cocktails, or straight, a delight for the summer months, and for Brazil's summer Olympics. Come try some.
     2) Familia Camarena Tequila Puro de 100% Agave Azul Silver- clear, On Special for $22.99 a bottle, this is a great tasting as well as ' value ' , really special.
     3) Bourye a blend of straight whiskies, from HIGH WEST Whiskey, $81.99 , with 46% alcohol by volume, what a treat, what a wonderful experience, what a broad range of tastes and flavors, everyone that has visited this distillery comes back with stars in their eyes! Come treat yourselves today!
     4) DEWAR'S Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years. ' The Ancestor ' , TRUE SCOTCH that is married in Oak Barrels, On Special for $29.99, what a smooth, silky velvetty yet flavorful, rich treat for the taste buds, saturating them and trilling one's tongue.