Liquor Specials 5/10-17

LIQUOR & LIQUEUR From Joagir :
     1)Negroni from CAMPARI, On Special for $41.99, tasted it here this past weekend, really nice, flavorful yet balanced and really quite pleasing in a semi-assertive/aggresive way! It showed well , glad to have it!
     2) ' Grand ' Expresso Shot made with Arabica Coffee beans,  rich, with expresso Caribbean neans , made in collaboration with Baristas & Bartenders, On Special for $14.99, a brand new addition, glad to have it here!
     3) Aperitivo liqueur from LEOPLOD BROS , pot-distilled citrus, bittered with gentian root, and naturally colored with cochineal, beautiful color, too, lovely flavors to excite and stimulate the palate and taste buds, nice! $38.99 a bottle, with 24% alcohol by volume, .... glad to add this here : new and exciting!
     4) Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey from RUSSELL'S, On Special for $43.99 a bottle, and Jimmy Russell has been here himself, spent two or more hours tasting with customers, love these whiskies of his, come on by, 45% alcohol by volume.