Liquor Specials 4/25-

LIQUOR / LIQUEUR  From Jagir :
     1) Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur by VAN GOGH , " from the Heart of Amsterdam " , On Special for $10.99 a 750ml bottle, , with 15% alcohol by volume, : " With chocolate as our key ingredient, we made Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur to mix with VAN GOGH chocolate vodka. " Try some, see what you think? Try it chilled by itself, too, or with shaved ice?
     2) Old Tom Gin from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS , crafted and bottled in Brooklyn, NY, $47.99,  : " The  ' Gin Craze ' was born in Britain in the late 1600's, during a period of tension with France. In an attempt to reduce imports of French brandy, King William III relaxed laws to entice English corn farmers into gin distilling. The gin of this period were pot distilled, resulting in high character spirits that were sweetened and nicknamed ' Old Tom ' and are considered the ' missing link ' between Dutch Genever and modern gins. ... "