Liquor Specials 3/28-

     1) Limoncello Artisinal Lemon Liqueur ( Discover the Amalfi coast ) from DON CICCHIO & FIGLI ( On Special for $30.99 a bottle ), made in Washington DC, with 25% alcohol by volume is ' the real deal. Don went to Italy to see how Limoncello was made and he learned the ' tried-and-true ' way from Sarento, he made it that way, not with additives, and other artificial enhancements, he makes it the great tasty old-fashioned way - yes, si si si si si! Worth every penny. come try some.
     2) PIG'S NOSE a blended Scotch whisky, On Special for $25.99 a bottle : " 'Tis said that our scotch is as soft and as smooth as a pig's nose ' Made from 100% scotch whiskies, distilled, blended and bottled in Scotland, with 40% alcohol by volume,  .... slowly matured and aged in the finest oak casks. " Yes!
     3) DISTRICT MADE Vodka , hand-made in Washington D.C. , from One-Eight, On Special for $34.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is another fine class-act made here locally in Ivy City, come taste and discover this and see what you all think? It has been here now more than a year and you need to taste and rediscover it all over again!
WINE From Chris & Tony :