Liquor Specials 2/21-

1) Southern Cream ' Salted Caramel ' liqueur, made with Tennessee whiskey, from JACKSON MORGAN, we have On Special at $22.99 a bottle this tasty, flavorful, balanced and good crea, that has a bit of rumble and tumble, some real attitude, an aptitude, too to please many a palate! Perfect now with cooler, wetter weather of ours. Try some. It did well when we tasted it here the other night with our local rep Andrius Miliunas of CRAFT Wine & Spirits, many of you liked and bought a bottle! YES. With 15% alcohol by volume.
     TWO Local Vermouth-style D.C. from CAPITOLINE:
1) WHITE , $28.99 with 17% alcohol by volume, : " Caroline is made by hand in small batches in an attempt to make a drink both delicious on its own and in cocktails. Use as you would your favorite vermouth. Distilled, infused, and bottled in the Capitol City. Washington DC, Peter Pasten is involved in this project. Tasty!
2) ROSE with 16% alcohol by volume, $28.99, same story as the white, a really deep rose that is like a light red vermouth in color. Try some when you need a red vermouth. Both are quite captivating!
THREE MORE : a Whiskey, Rye and Irish Whiskey :
1) Local D.C. Whiskey from ONE EIGHT , their Rock Creek Rye, $49.99 a bottle, has been quite successful in the past , now more than a year in business and we are proud to have been one of the first to sell and recommend this fine whiskey, now the Rye : a gorgeous color, a depth and purity, a clarity, an intensity that delivers character and poise, too, makes your tongue pause, yes it does! Gladly!!

2) Whiskey distilled from a Rye Mash, American oak aged, from WIDOW JANE, $52.99 a bottle, bottled by Cacao Prieto distillery, Brooklyn New York, a bit cloudy, less filtered, with 45.5% alcohol by volume, love the deep golden-ness color " I imagine so much extra just looking at it!
" It is non-chill filtered for the finest flavor.New, progressive aging techniques may cause some cloudiness of the whiskey's esters, improving the flavor, mouthfeel, and aromatics. " We agree. Cheers, come try some. Been popular with a number of our customers already.
3) Limited Release Irish whiskey from WEST CORK Distillers, hand-crafted in Ireland, ' Barrel Proof ' , made with the finest HAND SELECTED INGREDIENTS matured in Bourbon casks. $57.99 a bottle, With 62% alcohol by volume, this is for those accustomed to these stronger tastes that have more impact, pack more of a punch, that are best enjoyed once someone builds up to them, learning how the flavors and the proof can pack a definite punch that may take some easing-into, go slow, sip small sips and let the flavors linger and saturate : no need to rush anything, enjoy this special ride.