Liquor Specials 10/17-25

LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) ' Natural Cherry ' Liqueur from GRAND MARNIER , On Special for $34.99 a bottle : what a fun treat, the cherries will take some of the thickness and sweetness away, and give the orange some real zip, zest and brightness-lightness! Yes, oui, vrai tout ca!
     2) Barrel Proof Linited Release Irish Whiskey from WEST CORK Distillers , made from the finest hand-selected ingredients matured in Bourbon casks : like cognac and armagnac, the Bourbon barrels give some of the heat and the fire, yes, yet lots of finesse, too, $37.99 , with 62% alcohol by volume, cheers!
     3) Old Port Rum Deluxe-Crafted from the AMRUT Distillery Pvt, Ltd, $19.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, from Kambipurra, Bengaluru, what a fun ' value ' treat, try some, see what you all think?!?

     4) " Peppered ' Gin from UNCLE VAL'S, handcrafted, $42.99, with 45% alcohol by volume, see what you all think of this pepper addition? ANSOLUT introduced it, UNCLE VAL'S added polish and brightness, fullness of flavor to it?!? What do you think?