Liquor / Liqueur Specials 8/25-31st, 2015 Knotty-Head Explained!

LIQUEUR and LIQUOR From Jagir/Malkit :

1) Limoncello Liqueur from PALLINI Roma, $25.99, with 26% alcohol by volume, this is a delightful way to hang onto summer. We can all enjoy a sip or more of this, smooth, pleasing, not heavy, on the rocks, sip it slowly and let the flavors slowly work their way to all your senses as they awaken to the charm of some lovely lemon tones and textures. I like this one really chilled! Cheers, enjoy.

2) Artisan Crafted ' Ghost Chili ' flavored vodka called AMERICAN STAR : " Everyone wants to be an American Star. " With 40% alcohol by volume, On Special for $35.99 a 750ml bottle, : ADD the chili element to your vodka, have it done here for you with some style and polish! Cheers.

3) Vermouth Aperitif Sweet from VYA, premium California wines are infused here with some selected botanicals and brought to us, made by QUADY Winery that has been a specialist at this kind of thing now for many years and which has stood the test of time and many years with much competition and with many things that have come and gone already, with VYA still standing here in the Dry and the sweet, in both the 750ml bottle as well as the 375ml bottle. The 375ML bottle of sweet is $14.99, with 16% alcohol by volume.

4) Amaro from Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli-Saronno, the ' new ' FERNET-LAZZARONI , $23.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, we just got this, I have never seen this before. Come check it out.
" Amaro extra fine composto di sostanze esclusivamente vegetali."

Any of you ever heard of knotty-head or a bumper?

I heard these terms when I returned from Paris, France and started my first wine job on the border of Washington D.C., NW, and Maryland, on Wisconsin Avenue, NW, when I started to work at Rex Wines & Spirits so many wonderful moons ago!

A bumper was a bumper of beer : a quart or 750ml bottle of beer.

5) Knotty-Head refers to the bumpy surface of a bottle of SEAGRAM'S Extra Dry Gin, people would ask for a pint or a half-pint of SEAGRAM'S! The 750 ml bottle On Special for $12.99 still comes in the same bottle, just a larger size, and it still represents great value and quality for your hard-earned money. " Famously Extra Smooth and Mellow Taste. " I recommend this for value and taste. Cheers!

6) Single Grain Irish Whiskey 8 Year-Old Small Batch from GREENORE, $54.99 with 40% alcohol by volume, very smooth, very bright and almost delicate. A great new addition here.

7) Reserva Exclusiva imported Venezuelan rum , Three Stars, from DIPLOMATICO needs to be mentioned as in the last week alone I have had three requests for this, and that is just me, we may have had more. Come taste it and see what you all think?