Liquor-Liqueur Specials 6/21-28/16

From Jagir In Liquor, Liqueur Wed Have :
     1) Williiams Pear Liqueur PUR-LIKOR from Kiki , made in Germany, $26.99, with 25% alcohol by volume, $26.99 a 375ml bottle, this style was a favorite of my mother's, and so here is to Mom, to all mothers, you are all great, this is a pure delight to sip all by itself, come get some and enjoy looking at the moon and the stars! Cheers.
    2) ' Los Parrales ' Anniversario from SINGANI, $37.99 a 750ml bottle, called ' Anniversario ;, this is a real delight, so pure, so clear and pristine, like the mountains from which it comes this spirit isfrom Bolivia, ' the spirit of altitude'! Come check it out, we will taste it here this Friday, 5-8PM, free tasting, come see what you think. Cheers.
     3) Mediterranean Gin ' Coleccion de autor ' called ' GIN MARE ', On Special for $39.99 a bottle, this is distilled from olives, thyme, rosemary and basil, so unique, it sold out here the night we tasted it and had to order it again immediately. Beautiful bottle, beautiful presentation, come check this out, you will enjoy the novel, pure and fresh and lively flavors, something really new and exciting for this heat!
     4) The Original KOLOA Kaua'i Spice Hawaiian rum with natural flavors, $37.99, with 44% alcohol by volume, this is distinct, flavorful, great to enjoy blended and all by itself, a rum that stands alone, that makes a statement that is original , tasty and great to taste and enjoy in this extra heat of ours now, summer heat, summer Hawaiian rum, too!
     5) The Edinburgh Malt GLENKINCHIE Single Malt Scotch Whisky, The Distillers Edition, On Special for $109.99, with 43% alcohol by volume, this is double matured in Amontillado Spanish sherry casks-wood to soften, to silkify, to accent, to brighten and strengthen all that is warm and glowing and cheerful and delectable in this GLENKINCHIE, it was distilled in 1999, and bottled in 2012, this will please and delight, pamper and amuse and flatter our palates! Nice, really specially nice. For special moments, yes!