Liquor-Liqueur Specials 5/9-16

New & Exciting LIQUOR - LIQUEUR From Jagir :
     1) ARACK MABROUKA , traditional Arack , authentic distilled, $22.99, product of Israel, something to taste, check out, try it on for size, fit and feel, a treat!
     2) Buzzard Point Colonial Style White rum , On Special for $27.99 a bottle, distilled and bottled in Washington D.C., NW. by the District Distilling Company, with Matt Strickland their master distiller here twice already pouring, and we have some here for you to try, so aks us, and we will see how it tastes to you? Great for this warmer weather, support local!
     3) Pineapple CIROC , made with vodka infused with Pineapple flavor and other natural flavors, made from fine French grapes, and distilled 5 times, $38.99 a bottle, a treat for this warmer weather coming our way ohhhhhh so soon!