Liquor-Liqueur Specials 5/24-31/2016

  Jagir has found us some great Liquors and Liqueurs :

     1) ' Originel " Calvados Pays D'Auge ' fruite et delicat ' $22.99, for a 375ml bottle, this is quite soft, bright , delicate and silky, fruit-forward, I like it, I like it a lot, especially now as the weather gets into the eighteis today and through Memorial Day weekend!
          But Hey, We Cannot All Flock To Calvados :
     2) FLOC de Gascogne, from Armagnac, southern France, so flock to Floc! From Domaine La Salette,, this is made just like the Pommeau de Normandy or the Pineau du Charentes, $21.99 a 750ml bottle, serve chilled really chilled, ...Off-dry, quite fruity, the Armagnac version!
          Some Of Us Flock To Our Vermouths, Amaros  Too :
     1) Liqueur BATCH No. 14 Amaro from BRoVo, their Project Amaro, from Mike Ryan, from Washington State, I was blown away by these BRoVo products when I met the owner, she is making some outstanding products, she and her small team : very special, very impressive. Everything that they make adds to the equation of what is already out there, never duplicating. This Amaro $39.99 a bottle, is no exception to that. With 32% alcohol by volume ... great deep color, so distinct, really quite unique, never had one quite like this!
     2) BoomRang hand-crafted liqueur that's a vermouth-style Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Walnut, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Peppercorn vermouth-style drink from BRoVo Spirits in Woodville, Washington State, another real gem that really does excite the senses, make your head stop, your taste buds taste again, pause, linger, luxuriate in the flavors that stimulate all of you in mostly alwasy favorable ways! Yes! $29.99 a bottle, a real special treat.
          ALSO From Jagir : 2 Whiskeys :
     1) American Whiskey TINCUP from Colorado, $34.99, made with pure mountain water, made by Jess Graber. Jes writes : " I made TINCUP in honor of Colorado's first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. TINCUP is distilled from a blend of corn, rye and malt barley, cut with pure Rocky Mountain water, and aged in American white oak casks. It's got the mellow base of a bourbon with some added kick from the rye. Hope you like it. " Great packaging, too.