Liqueur/LiquorSPECIALS 12/6-13


     1) Cassis liqueur from Virginia's Middleburg, MT. DEFIANCE distillery, try this incredible, rich, lush, vibrant, amazing Creme de Cassis, one of the very best that I have had in years, $34.99, 375ml bottle, with 23% by volume, .... I love this, what a treat! Highly highly recommended.
     2) KOLOA Kaua'i Spice, the original, from Hawaii, a Hawaiian rum with natural flavors and caramel color, On Special for $41.99 a bottle, a deep golden burnst caramel color that invites closer inspection, with 44% alcohol by volume, this flavor is so hearty, so robust, so intense that it is best when cut to soften the blow and the edge and the burn and the grip and roll that is so athletic on one's palate, and not all of us are atheletes either! Tasty, enjoy.
     3) ' Breakfast gin ' from FEW in Evanston, Illinos, $41.99 a 750ml bottle, with 42% alcohol, this intrigues me so just by the name! Is it the cure for a hangover?!? Probably not, though that makes sense, too? The question here is how elegant and smooth is it, or hearty and vigorous to ' wash-out ' our systems well after a Hard Day's Night! Let's ask Paul McCarthney or Ringo Starr?!?
     WE JUST DID a tasting of the FEW Rye and Bourbon here this past Friday. Both were really appreciated, we sold both. The Rye was the favorite, for me the Bourbon was my favorite as it displayed more versatility with more highs and lows in range, and also a longer finish.
          TWO ' New ' Local DC Spirits :
     We just had master distiller Matt Strickland of the District Distillers here on U Street NW pouring all four of their current spirits : rum, bourbon, gin and vodka, we introduced the rum this Saturday.
     1) ' Corridor ' Vodka, On Special for $26.99 a bottle, with 46% alcohol by volume, Batch 2, ... this one really spoke to me on Saturday, it was my personal pick of the four ; recommended. Thanks Matt!
     2) ' Buzzard Point ' Colonial style white rum, On Special $27.99 a bottle, Batch 1, with 46.7% alcohol by volume, ... very smooth, really soft and bright, easy, many customers loved this this Saturday. Come check it out.
     THIS WAS MATT'S second tasting here and he will be back again!