Liqueur/Liquor Specials 6/9-16/15 202-363-4265

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :
1) Anisette Liqueur from ALLEN'S Quality Beverages Since 1929 , $8.99
a liter bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume, made in Somerville, MA. Come
get some : really ' new and very exciting!'
2) ' Fabrizia ' Blood Orange all-natural liqueur, $18.99 a 750ml
bottle, with 27% alcohol by volume,made in a traditional way, : " Inspired
by the recipe of relatives living in the hilltop village of Platinia
overlooking the majestic Mediterranean Sea in Southern Italy, the
Mastroianni ( did I hear Marcello anyone?!? I added that! ) family has
recreated a Blood Orange liqueur that makes the rest of the family in the "
Old Country " proud. ... Fabrizia, an Italian name meaning " one who works
with his hands ", ... all natural liqueur, serve chilled from the freezer
.... Salute! "
1) White Oak white rum from Trinidad & Tobago, Est. 1824, $14.99 for a
750ml bottle, made by ANGOSTURA / Trinidad Distillers Limited, West Indies,
with 40% alcohol by volume. This is ' new and exciting ' and a great price,
to for blending and making daiquiri with fresh strawberries or other fruit
; so refreshing! Try one, use a blender to crush the ice and everything
else up. I use some fresh fruit as well as some frozen concentrate, and I
love the results, really I do. Might have to have some tonight! I wanted to
last night as I drove back from doing an art class in French for my
daughter and her class, and two others, but I did not have any rum at home
and was too bothered by the heat to go in search of any! Argh!!!! But
tonight it is a different story ... stay-tuned ...