Liqueur/Liquor Specials 6/7-14/2016

     LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) Hand crafted BLACK DIRT bottled in bond Apple Jack, made from 100% Apple Brandy, a 50% alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle, On Special for $46.99 a bottle, a small batch distilled by Black Dirt Distilling in Warwick, NY, Batch No. 007 : James Bond will use this in his next movie we are sure, come try it 007! Cheers!
     2) Bloomery ' Sweetshine ', an artisinal blend of vice and virtue, a zestfully luscious Limoncello, $24.99, a 375ml bottle/ half bottle, with 21.1% alcohol by vloume, ... We tasted it here this past weekend with our local Legends' rep this last Saturday , it sold well, fun, made here locally in West Virginia, in Charles Town. This is a sure bet, no gambling or loss of money here, just lots of satisfying flavor and taste! Cheers. This would be great to sip tonight watching the pPrimary returns from the six states.
          TWO From AMERICAN FRUITS :
     1) Bartlett Pear Liqueur On Special for $17.99, produced and bottled by WARWICK VALLEY WINE CO., Inc. from Warwick, New York, with 20% alcohol by volume,  finished in oak, so some hints of vanilla and toasted oak add to this scrumptious pear flavor!
     2) Apple Liqueur Bourbon-Aged 12 Months from AMERICAN FRUITS  , On Special for $17.99 a 375ml bottle, with 19.5% alcohol by volume, .... " ... blended with our own apple brandy. It is then finished and aged in Bourbon barrels. .... smooth apple aromas and a smoky caramel bourbon finish. " Unique, stronger, more backbone, broader base, come try some!