Liqueur/Liquor Specials 4/26- 5/3

1) THe ' Original " Honey Liqueur from IRISH MIST , with honey and natural aromatic spices, too , $28.99 a bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume.

     2) Original Liqueur Cream from McGUIRE'S , made with imported Irish whiskey, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, what an amazing deal, come try some, this should become your summer Irish cream drink , yes!
     3) Untitled Whiskey No. 2 3/28/16 Batch 2 , from ONE EIGHT, $66.99, with 46% alcohol by volume, come taste this, what a treat, support D.C., support small business, support great talent, initiative and quality, too!
     4) Peach flavored vodka from DEEP EDDY in Austin, Texas, $16.99, with 35% alcohol by volume, this is the latest flavor that we have added here to the DEEP EDDY line, come check it out and see if you like it as much as the others.
     5) London Dry Gin from BULLDOG , $23.99, is a class-act, and almost classic here now. We love it, remember when Lauren Jones used to come here and taste it with you all. Thanks Lauren, you started or maintained something special here as I believe Jody Jackman also used to represent it here? With 40% alcohol by volume, : " A Brazen Breed, Perfectly Balanced With Natural Poppy, Dragon Eye, and Hints of Crisp Citrus .... " I liked it, really fresh, lively , smooth, great value, too.