Liqueur/Liquor Specials 10/13-20/2015

AND MALKIT and JAGIR have been really busy with the liquor and liqueurs,
too ..


1) Pur Likor Spice , a Blood-Orange liqueur , German, made by Kiki the
owner, founder, distiller that has personally come and presented it here
herself and we are delighted to sell it now in this 375ml bottle, $26.99 ,
25% alcohol by volume, as well as in the three pack of small bottles that
includes Poire and Elderflower, $27.99 a three-pack!

2) Vermut Rojo Sweet Red Vermouth, Vermut de Reus ' Miro ' , $13.99 a
Spanish Catalan aperitifo ... 15% alcohol by volume for a liter bottle! Go
Spain, Vaya Espagne ...

3) Spirit Whisky ROYAL CHALLENGE , a blend of rare scotch, select
grain and matured Indian malts, On Special for $19.99 a 750ml bottle, 42.8%
alcohol by volume, from India : brand new, really fun, tasty and extremely
exciting! Yes!!!!

4) Vodka with water from Rocky Mountain Snowbelt, 100% neutral spirits
distilled from grain, by BRECKENRIDGE, $22.99, with 40% alcohol by volume,
we tasted this here this past weekend. What a treat, tasty, flavorful, a
great one to add things to and create a ' new drink! '