Liqueur/Liquor Special 7/7-14/2015 Happy Bastille Day!

FOR Every Beer There Is A Summer Mixed Drink or Liqueur/liquor on the rocks
or not?!? :

1) Apricot Albicocca Liqueur from LUXARDO , liqoure della Lupa, $25.99 a
750ml bottle, with 30% alcohol by volume, what a great new treat for us,
and more and more people are asking for apricot liqueurs these days! We are
ready for them!!!

2) The Original Walnut from NOCELLO, imported from Italy, from TOSCHI,
$31.99, with 24% alcohol by volume, what a special taste and a very special
treat : how many of us love walnuts?!? Many of us do, come get some, tried
and true for so many years now, a real classic that has long stood the test
of time and fluctuations of tastes and fads!

3) ' Owl's Brew ' A Tea Crafted for Cocktails, $13.99 ' Coco-Lada ', a
blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices & pineapple, $13.99, ... mix with
spiced rum, vodka, sparkling wine or even a stout beer, 2-parts brew and
1-part booze/liquor ... FUN : dark bottle, easy-to-enjoy!

4) Tangerine Vodka from SKINNYGIRL, with natural flavors, On Special for
$15.99 a 750ml with 30% alcohol by volume, great packaging, perfect for the
heat now, come try some and have the Tangerine experience as this is the
only one I know of. Cheers! Go Tangerines! Buy some fresh tangerines and
enjoy the two together!

5) Sour Mash Whiskey Straight Bourbon from BELLE MEADE , $44.99,
small-batched, aged to perfection, handcrafted as well, from NELSON'S Breen
Brier Distillery, come check this out, from West Virginia. Cheers,
beautiful color.

6) London Dry Gin with 10 Botanicals, from HAYMAN'S Family Gin Distillers,
$29.99 a 750ml bottle, from England, with 47% alcohol by volume, something
exciting to add to our expanding selection of fine gins!

WOW : It's hot weather time and people are coming in here feeling hot!