Liqueur/Liquor 1/3-10/17 Specials


       TWO Liqueurs From Us :
     1) Irish Cream Liqueur made with the finest single malt Irish whiskey, BRADY'S, On Special for $12.99 a bottle. I take it home for my wife and daughter, and they both tell me that instead of wine they are drinking Bailey's. To me that tells me that, them knowing both, having enjoyed both, that they do not taste or notice any difference, and BAILEY'S is $28.99 a bottle. I have recommended it so far and have only positive responses so far, love that! Thank you Eddie Ofori for introducing it to me years ago.
     2) " Drink me " announces the necker on this bottle of JACKSON MORGAN, a southern cream Salted-Caramel liqueur ( made with Tennessee Whiskey ), On Special for $23.99 a bottle, and tasted here last week by Andrius Miliunas our local fine rep from CRAFT Wine & Spirits LLC. With 15% alcohol by volume, this is quite smooth, quite warming and tasty, and perfect for this colder, damper weather, Try some.
Thanks Andrius. Go to : for more info. Here is a ' shout out! ' for the fine work of Andrius, and the company that employs him : reward your fine salespeople for their hard efforts, that makes all the difference to us in our retail environment, it helps us do our jobs better. Thanks Andrius, happy New Year!

     FIVE Liquors To Consider :

     1) Tequila Reposado, made/ hecho in Mexico, Hand-harvested, 100% Blue Agave, from El JIMADOR, On Special for $19.99 a bottle. This is smooth and tasty, and a ridiculous price, too! This has sold very well here, everyone has really liked it.
     2) Spirit Whisky , ROYAL CHALLENGE : a blend of rare scotch, select grain and matured indian malts, On Special for $19.99 abottle, made in India, : ' new and very exciting ', great value, too!
     3) Irish Whiskey ' Classic Blend ' triple-distilled, from CLONTARF 1014, On Special for $24.99 a bottle, ... gently aged in Bourbon barrels, a flavorful, bright, intense fire and flame and roast and roar that reminds me of an Armagnac over a Cognac, I like the persistent cajoling burn here! One of my favorite ' values ' here in the store. Thanks again to Eddie Ofori for introducing me to this years ago.
     4) ' Blue Ice ' Handcrafted American Potato vodka ( Gluten Free ), $19,99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, a cool-kool blue bottle with a rippled back, too. It is so smooth, so silky, so easy to sip, lovely. When we first tasted it out the tasting went less than an hour becasue literally everyone that tasted it bought a bottle, and we immediately had to order more. A success then that follows through even now with the great success of TITO'S which is made from corn, not potato. Try this potato spirit on for size, fit and feel on your palate!
     5) ' Alaska Outlaw ' Whiskey, produced and bottled by ALASKA Distillery, from Wasilla, Alaska, $42.99, with 40% alcohol, this has aged so brilliantly, so much time and care taken, and this extra time in the bottle has delightfully mellowed and matured this whiskey from the wilds of Alaska, the purety, the pristine waters, the ice and the snow, the imprint of so many wonderful creatures that roam wild and free and brave and fresh and soooo alive! Try some now, perfect for this winter's cold, wet and dampness now.