Liqueur-Liquor Specials Sept 8th-15th,2015 @ CPWineSpirits!

LIQUEUR - LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Irish Cream Liqueur from BRADY'S, $11.99, 750ml bottle : what a
screaming great deal!

2) Summer Cup Fruit & Herb Cordial from NEW COLUMBIA Distillers ,
$30.99 a bottle, with 32.4alcohol by volume, ... this is distilled by the
distillers of GREEN HAT gin.

3) In Gin We Trust PROHIBITION DISTILLERY " Bootlegger ' 21 New York
Gin, 94 proof, On Special for $32.99 a 750ml bottle, Product of NY The
Empire State ... distilled from 100% American Corn ... a real treat! Come
try some.

4) Vodka with BISON GRASS added, from BAK'S Zubrowka, $26.99 a 750ml
bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, : " Rich in authenticity with an intriguing
flavor." A classic that we sell when it is available to us.

5) Rum Dark , handcrafted Small Batch from the MT. DEFIANCE
Distillery, $39.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, from Middleburg,
Virginia. Tasty, tender fire and flame and heat and warmth in a style that
mellows and gets silkier as you sip it slowly! A treat, my great neighbors
in Virginia brought it to my attention three months ago when they asked me
if I had ever heard about it? " No. " was my answer, and they sampled me on
it, and here it is now.

6) Rum white handcrafted, small batch from MT. DEFIANCE Distillery, in
Middleburg, VA. $32.99, for a 750ml bottle, also quite tasty and as your
tongue gets used to the flavors they mellow and expand and include you in
their circle of influence! How is that for a description?!? True, try some.
Cheers, DRINK LOCAL when you can. Thanks Aleks, Gregory and Kate for
introducing these to me three or four months ago!

Four Bitters From FREI BROTHERS :

1) Lemon Bitters , $7.99 for a 5 Fl. Oz bottle,

2) Aztec Chocolate Bitters , $7.99 for a 5 Fl. Oz bottle,

3) Orange Bitters West Indies, $7.99, 5 Fl. Oz bottle

4) Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters, $12.99, 5 Fl. Oz bottle
FUN & Exciting! Add them to your bars!

Call : 202-363-4265 or come by : 3423 Conn Ave. NW, Washington D.C, 20008 ....