Liqueur - Liquor Specials From Jagir 2/16-23/2016


     1) Sambuca Ricetta ORO Originale On Special for $29.99 for a 1 liter bottle size ( more in the bottle! ) with 38% alcohol by volume, something new and exciting, and perfect for this biting cold! Will cheer and warm you up nicely as you look out on our wintery landscape and appreciate being inside, or just from coming inside after being out in the cold!
     2) SUZE Saveur d'autrefoi : trnslates to : SUZE , flavor of another time, a full liter bottle liqueur from France, $30.99 : " ... original recipe of SUZE, giving it its characteristic taste and unique personality, On the palate, the fresh gentian gives rich, subtle and intense flavors, followed by floral notes and , while the clean bitterness offers a hint of spice. " Both Tom and David came and were thrilled we had this! Tom's wife wanted it for a special drink she discovered that featured SUZE. And David is a chef that will visit you at your home and cook up whatever you want to celebrate life, love, friends, anniversaries, whatever.
I PUT DAVID ON VIDEO  this past Saturday and that may be seen on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. Check it out. David was talking about Chartreuse, the yellow and the green, but he also spoke to me about SUZE while he was here. He is also a fine mixologist of these various liqueurs and spirits that we carry a broad range of here for you to enjoy,

     3) Dark Rum handcarfted, small batch from MT. DEFIANCE Distillery here locally in Middleburg, Virginia, $39.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, we had it sampled here this past Saturday. Yes, the day before Robert with Tradewinds Specialty Imports brought our local rep by to taste the ' new ' MT. DEFIANCE products like a fabulous ' new ' creme de Cassis. Then Robert returned to taste the two rums, the dark and the light when he also tasted out three fine Spanish wines.

Turns out that Andrew Shapiro the inventor of his own non-alcoholic GINGER BREW collaborated with Robert and made a drink with the dark rum and also his GINGER BREW that our customers quite liked. Good thinking, serendipitous moment that worked, smart thinking, thanks Andrew and Robert.
     4) Aged 5 Years in Oak REPUBLIC RUM Rhum Ron , the Old Guavaberry Brand COUNTRY ST. MARTEN, $27.99 a bottle,  with 40% alcohol by volume, nrand new here, exciting! For more info go to their web page, as it all sounds so enticing, so colorful! Go to : Cheers!

     5) Double Barrel Irish Whiskey GLENDALOUGH, $39.99 , 42% alcohol by volume : " Hand crafted in small batches and aged three and a half years in Bourbon barrels and six months in Olorosos Sherry casks. " Wow, wonderful, so much here at play, and at a very reasonable price, too : a deal.