Liqueur/ Liquor Specials 9/15-22/2015 Enjoy!


1) Absinthe Superieur from the MT. DEFIANCE Distillery in Middleburg,
VA. I tried this other day with Estebe of Tradewinds Specialty Imports and
I liked it quite a bit, very flavorful and yet very pleasing and subtle,
too, and it does not hit you over the head, rocks you more like with a
breeze outside in a nice hammock. Oh yeah!. $39.99 for a 375ml bottle, with
70% alcohol by volume. Lovely label, too : will make a great gift now as
the weather gets cooler.

2) 100% Tabala The Wild Mountain Maguey DEL MAGUEY Single Village
Mezcal, $125.99, 45% alcohol by volume.
A WONDERFUL THING yesterday, I was at the Winebow portfolio tasting on the
Rooftop Terrace of the Kennedy Center and as I left I was able to taste
some of this wonderful 100% Tobala, and it was sinfully wonderful, smooth,
rich, bright and vibrant, with so much pure-sunshine warmth and without any
burn, and I loved it. I had more in my glass than I could sip and finish
and so I gave what was left to Kay Mallon that I hope shared it with other
deserving customers. Worth every cent, every dollar, wonderful!

3) Caribbean Cask Extra Matured in Rum Casks Aged 14 Years from THE
BALVENIE Distillery in Banffshire, Scotland, since 1892, single malt Scotch
whisky, $76.99, 43% alcohol by volume, ...

4) Irish Whiskey from the world's oldest distillery, from KILBEGGAN,
since 1757, $27.99, 40% alcohol by volume, I tasted it yesterday and loved
it, really distinct, really bright and unique and like nothing I have ever
quite had before from Ireland. I recommend this highly! Great price, too.
They say : " OUR Finest BLEND. "

5) American Dry Gin from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS, $36.99 47% alcohol by
volume, : " created under a mercury vacuum, which results in a pristine
spirit with clear and pronounced aromas."

6) Dirty Martini Mix from the SANTA BARBARA OLIVE CO., $5.99 a 375ml
bottle, : ' naturally low in carbs, refrigerate after opening."