Liqueur-Liquor Specials 7/30 - 8/8/18 2015

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR : From Jagir & Malkit :

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1) Strangely Delicious Libation of Whiskey & Spices from JEREMIAH
WEED, the Curious Cinnamon Whiskey, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, with 35.6%
alcohol by volume, American blended whiskey with spices : " Perfect for
your MOUTH, Savor A SIP, OR steal - A NIP -! " Try some, enjoy!

2) Peach Brandy with Peach Liqueur from E & J Extra Smooth Rare Blend,
$11.99... perfect for mixing exotic cocktails and other inventive

3) ' Capitoline ' White Cordial from GREEN HAT, a lovely delicate
amber color to be mixed and make some ' new and exciting ' drinks, $27.99,
750ml bottle, 18% alcohol by volume, ' NEW ' and really, REALLY exciting!
Looks Victorian, a bit like Art Nouveau, a bit like Tiffany bottles, put in
a clear Tiffany vase : go back in time, feel the joy ...

4) ' Roundstone Rye ' Organic Cask Proof Single Barrel Whisky, from
CATOCTIN CREEK, hand-crafted, small-batch, $63.99 a bottle, from
Purcelville, VA., 58% alcohol by volume, ... a really smooth treat that is
also local!

5) Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole, estate-bottled, from CLEMENT, in
Martinique, $32.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume,
estate-bottled, quite smooth an a lovely pure, free taste, nice to mix and
sip, too.

6) Wild Cherry Infused Flavored Polish Vodka, On Special for $25.99,
40% alcohol by volume, this should be drinking like a fabulous kaleidoscope
dream now, wow, smooth and gentle and purring so sweetly we all have to cry
we are so happy!

7) Blended Malt Scotch Whisky produced using American and French Oak
Barrels, OAK CROSS from the Compass Box Whisky Company, $64.99, with 43%
alcohol by volume, tasted here and what a fine, smooth, exceptional taste
and balance with everything adding something special to the overall taste

A real treat! Cheers! Try some.