Liqueur / Liquor Specials 7/14-21st, 2015

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir/Malkit :
1) Pineau Des Charentes from PIERRE FERRAND , Gognac, Franc, $33.99 a 750ml
bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume, this is an intensely flavorful,
demonstrative, Pineau-Forward experience to enjoy today on Bastille Day! It
packs a real herbal, cognac-spirit taste that works on many levels, thick
and dense, tasty and best with some finger-foods : your choice, what a
I drank some Pineau des Charentes from the Cognac region last night at
midnight, under the stars, under the clouds, calm and serene and wet and
everything being somewhat weighed-down by the constant rains. I drank an
aged Pineau, and it was simply wonderful, I loved it, it was a pure
pleasure and delight! WOW! Too bad the whole neighborhood was not up
celebrating with me : now that would have been a real glorious,
fantastique-magnifique celebration, vraiment, really!
2) Overaged Malt Whisky distilled In Scotland, made by the French, by
Michel Couvreur, $60.99 a 750ml bottle, : " vatted from various over 12
y.o. whiskies traditionally ennobled with sherry oak casks and bottled in
our French Burgundian caves. " From Meldrum House, Old Meldrum, Scotland,
and also from Le Molet, Bouze les Beaune, Bourgogne, ... a collaborative
effort, with 43% alcohol by volume, what another grand treat for us all!
3) 1738 Accord Royal from REMY MARTIN Fine Champagne Cognac , $59.99 a
750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, : " This unique Fine Champagne
Cognac is a special blend created to celebrate the reward of excellence
bestowed on Remy Martin by King Louis XV, of France, in 1738.
4) Grape Vodka From France From CIROC Distilled 5 Times , $38.99, with 40%
alcohol by volume, this reminds me of a version of grappa, or Marc de
Bourgogne! Tasty, flavorful, packs a punch!
ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS last week was almost in tears of joy at discovering
that we have green olives, the ones made by SANTA BARBARA Olive Company,
$4.49, for a 4.2 Oz. bottle, he said that he had already gone to stores
looking for them and no one had any! Anyone except us, now that makes us
feel good. Cheers!