Liqueur-Liquor Specials 2/23-3/1 : Enjoy!

     1) Signature VS Calvados from CALVADOS PIERRE HUET , $37.99 from the Pays D'Auge, France, come celebrate with this! New and very exciting!
     2) 10 Years Nurtured the matured for 10 years, a Highlands Single Malt Scotch from Robbie Hughes. the distillery manager, from GLENGOYNE, unhurried since 1833, aged with time in oak casks alone! Yes, $50.99 a bottle, great single malt, great taste and price.
     3) 77 Whiskey Breueckelen Distilling, made in Brooklyn, N.Y. whiskey distilled from Local Rye & Corn, On Special $47.99, with 476 days-old! A special treat.

     4) Bison Grass flavored vodka ZU ZUBROWKA, On Special for $25.99 ( we have two types ! ), and this weekend a man drove here specially from North Carolina becasue he said that he could not find any in North Carolina, Mayland or Virginia! He bought one of each of our two types, smiled, he was beaming, delighted.