Liqueur & Liquor Specials 10/20-27/2015 : Call 202-363-4265 Cheers! Ola! Hola!

TIME For Liqueur/ Liquor From Jagir & Malkit :

1) SUZE Saveur d'Autrefois , a 1 liter bottle , $30.99, with 20%
alcohol by volume, since 1889, : " ... we have been making SUZE with the
strictest respect for tradition : fresh wild gentian, carefully selected and
aged over a long period, is then macerated and distilled in a still. ... On
the palate, the fresh gentian gives rich, subtle and intense flavours,
followed by subtle and intense flavours followed by floral and citrus
notes, while the clean bitterness offers a hint of spice. " Must try some,
all of us try some, soon!

2) Vodka Infused with Cognac, TWENTY GRAND, On Special for $25.99,
this is ' new and exciting ', we will be tasting this here on Friday, Oct.
30th, free, no charge! Come and tastw with us and see how you like a French
cognac blended with vodka ?!?

3) Tequila Puro De 100%v Agave Azul, from the Familia CAMARENA , On
Special for $22.99, a fine price, come buy on and see how it tastes to

4) Liberator Gin from the VALANTINE Detroit Distilling Co.,
hand-crafted American Gindistilled in alembic bottles with nine
botanicals, On Special for $33.99 a bottlem with 42% alcohol by volume,
.... New and Exciting, ... " With two alembic distillations, we impart
bold flavors with maceration, while delicate profiles are infused using
specially designed botanical vessel. The result is a balanced,
multi-layered gin, beginning with soft juniper, carried through with
cardomon and coriander, finishing with cinnamon," Yummy it would seem!

CALL : 202-363-4265 to place orders!