Liqueur / Liquor Special For Pope Francis Visit / Yom Kippur, Too 9/22-29/2015

LIQUEURS / LIQUORS From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Cannon Blast An Intensely Delicious Shot ( Caribbean rum with spice
and natural flavors ) from CAPTAIN MORGAN : " Enjoy neat, enjoy in a drop
shot, enjoy mixed ". It comes in a dark round glass bottle that looks like
a cannon ball, $18.99 a 750ml bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, ... come
try some, see what you all think? Cheers!

2) Serpent's BITE Apple Cider flavored whisky, $13.99 a 750ml bottle,
at 70 proof, from Canada, great price, looks and tastes good as we get
closer to Halloween and we enjoy the cooler weather and being outside with
friends and neighbors and burning the candle at both ends as we enjoy more
fully those moments when we may be relaxed and less-stressed! Cheers.

3) Tequila Blanco made from 100% Agave, elaborado en Tahona, Mexico,
from FORTALEZA, $53.99 a 750ml bottle, Estate-Bottled, stone ground, with
40% alcohol by volume, : " Produced and bottled on our family estate
located in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, using the traditional processes
started by my " Tatarabuelo " ( great-great grandfather ) over 125 years
ago, " No. B-L-31, Tequila Los Abuelas CINCO gereraciones. Make a great

4) ' Breaker ' Bourbon Whisky Limited Release , Hand-Crafted Bourbon,
aged a minimum of 5 years, $48.99 a bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, blended
and bottled by Ascendants Spirits in Buellton, Santa Barbara County,
California. " new and exciting ', join the wave, make some yourselves!

5) ' Genevieve ' Genever Style Gin from ESSAY O-SSG-GM-1 from ANCHOR
DISTILLING in San Fransisco, CA. : " This traditional 17th-century-style
genever gin was pot distilled at our small San Fransisco distillery with
47.3% alcohol by volume, $54.99 a 750ml bottle, This is something
different, a real acquired taste, not like any other gin you have ever had
, so be prepared for a completely ' new ' experience, one that you may
really grow to like and appreciate with time. Try it more than once, try it
more than one way, do not give up, persevere, and see what you think?
Cheers Welcome to a grand new adventure, like rock-climbing, a skill-
taste to master.

6) ' Botanical ' Organic Spirit Rye Neutral spirits with natural
organic flavors, from SQUARE ONE, made from 100% organic rye, USDA Organic,
$32.99 a 750ml bottle, with 45% alcohol by volume : " This enticing
composition of organic fruit, floral , spice and herbs mingle together in a
distinctly aromatic blend, creating a sophisticated taste experience and
offering a unique twist to both classic and contemporary cocktails. "