Labor Day Wine Spanish Specials 8/29-9/5

SPANISH WINES To Talk About This Week with you all, traditional, classic, flavorful, tasty wines to mostly enjoy with meals.Perfect to enjoy also this Labor Day Weekend, and they are all fresh : we just got them in here, yes, si si si snor, senora, todos gentes : venga aqui ahora por favor!

1) A FABulous dry white blend of 50% Verdejo and 50% Viura  Sed De" Tramoya " 2016 from DON DIEGO, On Special for $9.99, a lively bright fresh in-your-face white that will immediately please, entertain, cajole and suduce you, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Y Leon, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a tasty treat, perfect for the end of summer. Yes si si si claro que si amigos.

2) 2016 dry white Rioja from DON JACOBO, $11.99 a bottle, that fresh and lively and bright taste with just enough body and weight to make you smile, relax, enjoy, and perhaps even laugh as you enjoy this with family and friends, with or without a meal.

3) Albarino from Spain's Rias Baixas region, from SEGREL, with 13% alcohol by volume, $15.99, a real elegant, polished, bright and flowing svelte-lush-ripeness that is impossible to ignor and not like into the third or fourth sip. It simple tastes good : like France's Sancerre wines, a real treat with or without food, and a good value, too. Cheers. Hasta luego amigos.

4) Blanco De Tempranillo Vino Blanco de uva tinta = white wine from a red grape, the famous Tempranillo grape of Rioja and other regions, too. This 2015 is mature and with developed flavors and it will be great when combined with food and so it is back now at this ridiculously affordable price. Made by a female winemaker, it will please you, test you in a good way, make you turn your heads, and enjoy and relax. Mmmmmmmm good!

5) 2016 dry Rioja rose from DON JACOBO, $11.99 a bottle, deep color yet really soft and full voluptuous round and yummy smooth taste from the Tempranaillo grape. This is a winner. My family and I enjoyed it earlier in August at the beach in Duck, North Carolina, on both the Sound side, as well as on Plover Beach. Wow, love it. Great by itself, also a treat with many a food profile. Cheers.

6) 2014 Tempranillo Spanish red from Valencia, from MARQUEZ DE ZENETE, On Special for $10.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume : some grit, some Spanish earth, some real dry and delineated flavors that shine when paired with anything grilled, marinated, tapas, you name it. Great value, too.

ALL WINNERS these six Spanish wines. Really like them. Have sold them here for years, and they alwasy deliver : over-deliver for their prices, that is they way we like it : over-delivering, surprising you with extra flavor and taste, and lots - loads of extra value, too.

Cheers, come see us, happy Labor Day Weekend!

Include us, let us make it special together.   TONY  8/29/2017