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Big-Theme Wine-Tasting ' Ridiculous VALUE ' Wines, Many Spirits 2 Enjoy!


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 THAT IS BEING CREATED here in the store by us and by you

  NEWS :

     WE HAVE A  ' Big-Theme ' Value Wine-Tasting planned for Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 from 5:30-8:30PM, Free, Join Us, Taste ' insane values ' to taste and buy just in time for Father's Day on Sunday, June 19th,.
COME TASTE HERE and get some great bottles of wine for your father , you buy more than one or two bottles, mix up six, give him an assortment. You can afford it because you are saving big on each bottle that you buy, and you can sav up to an additional 20% if you buy bottles over $20 or you buy a case of twelve or more.
     You can start voting I understand starting today in the Democratic Primary , and voting contiues into the weekend? 
     You may wish to come and select whatever you enjoy drinking at this time of the year to celebrate that you voted, the sunny hot, slightly humid weather, perhaps with a light breeze if you ' up on a rooftop ", or on a balcony, outside, grilling, chilling, smiling.
     HOPE EVERYONE enjoyed a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. It was relaxing for our family, lots of necessary yardwork with all the previous rain. It looks better. I am getting some real delight in sweating like a pig as I work and clearing out some of our flower beds of too much that competes with the flowers we really want to see bloom, that is, if our local, healthy deer population does not get them before they have a chance. We saw a hummingbird, too at our feeder, and this must ne The Year of the Chipmunk!
     WHY DO I MENTION ALL this ?!?Because sometimes having a beer or a mixed drink or a glass of wine while watching all of this can be quite pleasing and relaxing.
     FUNNY, it is hard to find a healthy balance between working and relaxing, and yet we achieved it pretty well, even though we did not get our first swim in over the weekend. That did sadden me some, I would have liked it. Oh well, perhaps this coming weekend, the forecast is good for the week and this Saturday, maybe rain on Sunday.
     REALLY FUNNY how weather talk is gaining even more of our time, concentration and space. We are all scrambling to make good decisions to maximize the time we have to relax.
     YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HERE, we always have something to mention, some great, ridiculous sale going on, and we try and bend your ear to be sure you know about it or any others as you walk around the store in search of what you came for, and perhaps something else as an ' added bonus ' before you leave.
     I HAVE ALREADY BEEN TWEETING this morning. If you want to see what I have been tweeting about FOLLOW us at CPWINESPIRITS, and also at WINEENABLER. I am trying to reach out to those that tweet more than anything else.
     WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK about tweeting? Please share your thoughts as I am doing it in the hopes of reaching a larger audience for us here. What do you know about it, do you tweet? Do you learn valuable info from tweeting that you would not get otherwise? Please share your thoughts.
          FROM SANTOS : Beer and Cider :
     1) ' Guilty ' , a Belgian-style DOMA coffee from SELKIRK ABBEY Brewing Company in Post Falls, Idaho, On Special for $9.99 a 1Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle with 8.3% alcohol by volume, : " It's not for the masses, it's for you. Our 2013 homebrew contest had 34 entries. This beer won. One sip will tell you why. We were happy to enter it as our Pro-Am beer at the Great American Beer Festival. We very proudly use coffee from our neighbor, DOMA coffee toasting company, in this beer, "
          THRRE NEW beers from AMARCORD :
     1) ' Gradisca ' by AMARCORD ' L'Arte della Birra ",  brewed in Italy, lager chiara, 100% Malto d'Orzo, $5.99 a bottle, with 5.2% alcohol by volume, for a 1Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle. They are done in homage to the freat Italian film director Federico Fellini, all commemorating one of the great characters in Fellini's classic 1973  ... a bottom-fermented special lager like it's namesake Gradisca, dreamed of, and sought after by everyone!
          THE Other Two beers are : 
     2) ' Midona ',  Golden Ale $5.99 with 6.5% alcohol by volume : " ... this beer is rich with crystal malts, with significant undertones of yeast, bread dough before it's medium hoppy finish accented by notes of sweet spice. " ...

     3) ' Volpina ' red ale , $5.99 a bottle, with 6.5% alcohol by volume ... " ... ( a irresistable woman of easy virtue : beautiful, sensual and seductive ) this beer displays warm malt and toffee notes on the nose, delicate lacing and a balance of fruit, caramel and chocolate throughout. "

     I TASTED them all with Andrew Stover a couple of weeks ago and was quite impressed, they are all so different, I had my favorite but that will change depending on the time of day or night I drink them, and if there is a meal involved, indoors or outdoors, the weather?!? So many variables, the temperature, too at which they are served. Come try one of each, have fun, explore, watch the movie 1973, a whole 'nother world back then! People are musch the same though, see which character you prefer?
     ALSO : In Cider We Have :
     1)   Old Volstead's Summer Shandy , a blend of hard cider and lemonade from MT. DEFIANCE , made from local Virginia apples in Middleburg, Virginia, On Special for $7.99 a bottle with 5.6% alcohol by volume, using 100% fresh-pressed apple cider, yeast and lemonade. Perfect to sip now as the heat is in the eighties!
          Something Totally Popular & Totally Different :
     1) Not Your Father's Root Beer , On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from SMALL TOWN Brewery, an ale with the 5.9% alcohol by volume, ale with the taste of spices : " We like to think of it as a dark SPICED ALE with a vanilla and honey notes, best served chilled or poured in a glass over ice, You'll enjoy it, WE DO. " Try some, see what you think, it is it's own uniqye category, come without expectations of anything and see if you like the taste? Cheers!
          LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) Holiday Aquavit distilled from grain GAMEL ODE , a Nordic inspired 45th parallel produced for Scandinavians at heart and Gamle Ode , $38.99 a 750ml bottle with 42% alcohol by volume, ... ' .... infused with dill, caraway, juniper, mint, allspice, and orange.  ... produces a cleansing note and a smooth finish. ... " Skaal!
     2) The Edinburgh Malt GLENKINCHIE  12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, On Special for $55.99 a bottle, regularly $55.99 a bottle, : " A dry, refined character born just twenty miles from Scotland's capital, naturally makes GLENKINCHIE ' The Edinburgh Malt. ' Its aromatic smoothness brings to mind cut flowers and creamy lemon cheesecake. Crisp and focused, with a herbal, drying finish, this is an ideal aperitif and partner to smoked fish, sushi or scallops. " I like all of this, what great food pairing suggestions, this is superb, brilliant marketing as they make some great pairing suggestions here, I like the creamy lemon cheesecake reference a whole lot. Cheers, come try some.
          TWO Vermouth-Aperitif-Cocktail-Blenders :
     1) " Capitoline '  White Cordial , distilled by New Columbia Distillers LLC, Washington D.C. , 750ml bottle with 18% alcohol by volume, ... : " Capitoline is made by hand in small batches in an attempt to make a drink both delicious on its own and in cocktails. Use as you would your favorite vermouth. Distilled, infused, and bottled in the Capitol City. " 
     2) BRoVo  Spirits ' Pretty ' Floral Vermouth Batch #3 , a white vermouth made by Amanda R & George E, using wine grapes, $20.99 a bottle, with 19.9% alcohol by volume, this is really exciting, really cutting-edge, it adds something really ' new and refreshing and exciting ' to the category of the world of vermouths! I fell in love with this and the others when I tasted them with Amanda, I fell in love immediately, SUPERB!
          WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1)Chardonnay Dominio de Punctum Organic Vineyards  from FINCA FABIAN , $9.99 a bottle, 2014, with 13% alcohol by volume, this is bright, lively and a real treat to enjoy all by itself, or with a meal. Also comes in the red Tempranillo. Cheers.
     2) Tinto 2014 ' Montecastrillo ' dry red Ribera Del Duero from FINCA TORREMILANOS, $14.99, made by law with 100% Tempranillo grapes, aged in oak for 4 months to make it a bit earthier, beefier, more rustic and edgy, great color, intriguing bouquet, quite the treat to sip and enjoy with a meal, almost anything off the grill, it should be slightly chilled, sipping late at night while looking up at the moon and stars. The moon should be visible tonight! We had this poured here this weekend by Euripedes and Nassos on Saturday afternoon, it was well-received, sold, too by those of you lucky enough to taste it then.
     3) 100% Chenin Blanc from CHARLES BOVE, made in France's Loire Valley , 2014, imported by Vintage 59 and Roy Cloud, superb quality, what a Chenin Blanc can be, a tasty one that we will taste here with Graham Isaac our local Contry Vintner rep that sells them to us. Graham and I are looking at another Vintage 59 wine to pour together with this Vouvray, might be their sparkling wine! Stay-tuned.
          BUY These Following, SAVE 20% OFF stickers tomorrow:
          SPEAKING of France's Loire Valey :
     4) ' Les Millets ' 2013 Reuilly dry rose from JOSEPH MELLOT , $20.99 a bottle, this is an amazing and complex dry rose with a really light , pale color, and yet the flavors fly up and out from the glass! It will make a great dry rose to enjoy when you grill, have some wild salmon filets off the grill, smoked fish or turkey even, this is a hearty hefty flavorful beauty that both knows and speaks it's mind!
     5) 2012 dry red blend from Wellington, South Africa, a blend of 81% Shiraz , 17% Mourvedre and 2% Viognier grapes, from THOKOZANI, $21.49, with 14% alcohol by volume. I really like the smooth and bright, lively, edginess that is softened and become even more fruit-centered with the alcohol , it is charming, it is tasty, it will stick with you and your palate will remember the flavors and want more, a treat
     6) Macabeu 2013 , 100% Macabeu indigenous grape variety from Spain, from JOSEP FORASTER, this rich, complex, layered, viscous white is made from old vines, with extra skin contact, more time on the lees, from Montblanc , a D.O. from Conca de Barbera, with 13% alcohol by volume, this is a great food wine and will hold it's own against many a dish, well-seasoned, aged, grilled, ... they make fine sparkling Cava, too, we carry both. The owner himself was here, and we hit it off really well from the get-go! So Josep Foraster is now family, one of the Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits group : we are a really big family here.
     7) Red 2010 dry Israeli blend from SOUTHERN WINERY, sooo smooth, so silky and bright, no bite, a true and pure taste that is buffered by the alcohol, I liked it a lot when I poured it here this past Friday night from 5-8PM, it would be great with many grilled meats, some flavorful cheeses, it showed brilliantly this past Friday. It is not kosher however, from Ramat Negev, $28.99 a bottle, you should come treat yourselves, chill it thirty-forty minutes, it will warm up to the perfect temperature, and be a special wine to celebrate with!
     SAVE HERE ON WINE each and every Wednesday, you can save three ways, up to 20% OFF two ways, either by buying any bottle of wine ( except MOET & CHANDON  and VEUVE CLICQUOT French champagne ), or any twelve bottles at any price, and if you buy six bottles at any price you can save 15% OFF the marked sticker prices,
     THREE WAYS TO SAVE ON WINE on Wednesdays, call and pay for your purchase on Wednesday, we can hold it for you or deliver if you like, let us know, we can work it out! 


     Friday, June 3rd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Graham Isaac here from the Country Vintners to do a tasting of the CHARLES BOVE Vouvray and sparkling wine from the Loire valley, as well as the two from WEST CAPE HOWE in western Australia, the 1) Shiraz, the ... 2) Sauvignon Blanc and ... 3) Chardonnay, too! Come taste, free tasting!
     Friday with Legends Imports and Ryan Thomas we will taste three spirits :  1) Ginmare , a Barcelona , Spanish gin,... a ...2) BLOOMERYLemoncello ' Sweet Shine ' from West Virginia, with all the fruit coming from West Virginia ... and the .... 3) TOWN BRANCH Bourbon whiskey from Kentucky : all ' new ' : HOPEFULLY something for everyone! YES,si, claro que si!
     FREE TASTINGS HERE always, join us, make some new friends, come and see what you think, bring family and friends, become our family and friends, too!
     Saturday, June 4th, 2016 : ( 2-6PM ) : We have John and Theresa Morrison here from their own Boutique Imports to taste a selection of their wines that I believe should include : One COMPASS or IL CUORE ( the heart ) California wine, One DEMEYE Stellenbosch South African wine, One wine of Argentina, either the sparkling rose of Malbec, or a regular non-sparkling dry Malbec, ... and we will see for the last entry when Theresa calls me back soon!
     ALSO : We have Kayla coming to taste with you all  the FABulous MAGNUS Ivy City, Washington D.C. gin and vodka " Royal Seal ', both at $27.99, great values for their top-quality, they WAY overdeliver for these prices, ... and we hope to also tast their limited, new release : " Mury Hill Club : " Balanced notes of wood, char, vanilla, and dried fruit, black pepper forms at mid palate and lingers for a long, warm finish."
Richard Wolf writes as well : " This whiskey is singularly unique. I don't know of anything out there that is comparable. " I cannot wait to try it!
ALL FUN, all exciting, let's share tastes, stories and creat some good times and memories together as we taste and sample TOP-FLIGHT wines from all around the world in all price ranges and all styles, reds, whites, roses, sparkling, still, dry and sweet!
CHEERS, THANKS For everything, we appreciate all you do for us, and your continued support! See you soon, come by when you get off work tonight, or call us for a delivery at : 202-363-4265.    See you soon,  TONY