Irish Whiskey Specials 3-14-21

LIQUOR : 4 Irish Whiskeys - A Bit More Special 4 U ALL :
     1) Black Barrel Irish Whiskey from JAMESON, $42.99 : I like the softer, fuller, richer, creamier-dreamier taste on both mouth tongue and palate - a treat!
     2) Irish Whiskey Matured in Oak in Ireland by PADDY, triple-distilled and On Special for $24.99 : I like the tug, the bit of a burn, the charr and the tumble over my tastebuds as I sip this, I also love the price!
     3) Black Bush Irish Whiskey from BUSHMILL'S , On Special for $27.99, also some charr and silk and smooth flavors that are a bit lighter than the JAMESON Black Barrel, a nice contrast with noth, and a great deal from BUSHMILLS!
     5) Double Barrel Irish Whiskey that is hand-crafted in small small batches,  from GLENDALOUGH, On Special $40.99 a bottle. I like the extra volume of bright Irish intensity with the power, the bang, the POP and the snap, and yet the clarity and lovely refined concentration, a winner! Try some!!!