Happy St. Patrick's Day Specials @ CP Wine Spirits This Week!

WE HAVE St. PATRICK'S DAY this Thursday, March 17th : this is very exciting as I bring a 4-pack of MURPHY'S Imported StoutDraught-Style, with 14.9Fl. Oz cans, On Special at $7.99 a 4-pack, a nice way to sip and enjoy as the bite, the burn, the taste is a bit softer, smoother, not as much as the attack you get with GUINNESS Stout that we also have here for you.I will take mine home tonight and enjoy it with my wife at our meal tonight. It will be a special treat, I like the taste very much. I really like corned beef as well, mmmmmmmm good!

WE ARE READY FOR YOU for St. Patrick's Day! Notice I spelled it out? I have had people tell me it has to be either St. Patty's or St. Paddy's day, one or the other, and still other people telling me it can be either : confusing! SO : I spell it out! Cheers, come celebrate with us. 

AND I HAVE STUART CARTER here and we are talking GLENDALOUGH, and so here is Stuart to clarify, editfy and please you all : "Glendalough is the first craft distillery in Ireland, located in the town of Glendalough. The Double barrel is aged three years in Bourbon barrels and finished for six months in Oloroso Sherry casks. Pictured on the label is St. Kevin, who set up the town on Glendalough as well as seven churches in the town. " Thanks Stuart, I will take it from here!
     GLENDALOUGH is Double-Barrel Irish whiskey , $39.99 a bottle, with 42% alcohol by volume, this will be a real treat for you all to enjoy this week. Come get a bottle today. It is in stock and on our shelves now! Cheers!
SPEAKING OF WHICH , we need something smooth and silky to enjoy on St. Patrick's Day and for that I have selected the ...
     1) PADDY'S ' Bee Sting ' Irish honey Original recipe, $22.99 a 750ml bottle with a premium liqueur and Irish honey all blended together with PADDY Irish whiskey. This will be wonderful to sip, with 35% alcohol by volume, a nice respite from Irish beer, and or Irish whiskey, sit dowm, relax, sip and sigh and smile and feel grand and special and enjoy your owne very special celebration of St. Patrick's Day!