Female Contributions R Many!

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    MAKE MORE GREAT CHOICES @ CLEVELAND PARK as we move forward, proudly, purposefully, with love and compassion, commitment, hard work that yields to hard play, too!


     Proud to be here, to be together, with you , here in our nation's capitol as we navigate whatever comes our way, we are spirited, we are brave, we can make it work, we must, we have many liquid spirits to help where they may, as well as conversational spirits in dialogue and laughter, mirth, joy, ... community.

     SO : what we have this month is all about great value for you, spirits that we sell that do not break the bank anymore than it is already broken. We want everyone's personal bank to rally and grow , and we can help you with that be focusing on ways to stretch your dollar. 
     IN BEER we have from Santos Rivera :
     1) Irish Stout from O'HARA'S , a full-bodied luxuriously smooth stout with a discernable roast bite. On Special for $9.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, crafted in Ireland, with a lovely low 4.3% alcohol by volume. What a treat!
          TWO From WEHENSTEPHANER, Bavaria :
     1) Hefe Weissbier Bavarian Style, premium Bavaricum, The World's Oldest Brewery, On Special for $3.99 a One Pint, 9 Fluid Ounce bottle, , 500ml, with 5.4% alcohol by volume, ... AND ...
     2) Hefeweissbier Dunkel, On Special for $3.99 for a 500ml bottle, Premium Bavaricum, with 5.3% alcohol by volume :  BOTH are ' steals ', fine values that overdeliver for the money : and perfect for this cold weather, too!
          ONE From Brazil : A ' favorite ' of mine:
     1) Light & Dark / Smooth As Silk , from XINGU Black beer, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. What I love about this is the creamy smmoth taste, the richness, the fullness, but not the bite, perfect for me, so far I have had no one come back telling me anything negative about it, and I have recommended it for a very very long time. Come try it, perfect to mask and hide this cold and damp now.
     NOTE : Went with my wife and daughter to see the show WICKED last Thursday at the Kennedy Center and I have never seen a ' tour-de-force ' like this from lighting, staging, dancing, singing, choreography : like the piece in the movie ' White Christmas called CHOREOGRAPHY I think, with Danny Kaye dancing, modernised, of our times, and splendid, truely splendid indeed, bravo! It must have taken hundreds if not thousands of really imaginative, creative souls, and the same amount of hours, too! Well worth it!
     LIQUEURS / LIQUORS From Jagir :
       TWO Liqueurs From Us :
     1) Irish Cream Liqueur made with the finest single malt Irish whiskey, BRADY'S, On Special for $12.99 a bottle. I take it home for my wife and daughter, and they both tell me that instead of wine they are drinking Bailey's. To me that tells me that, them knowing both, having enjoyed both, that they do not taste or notice any difference, and BAILEY'S is $28.99 a bottle. I have recommended it so far and have only positive responses so far, love that! Thank you Eddie Ofori for introducing it to me years ago.
     2) " Drink me " announces the necker on this bottle of JACKSON MORGAN, a southern cream Salted-Caramel liqueur ( made with Tennessee Whiskey ), On Special for $23.99 a bottle, and tasted here last week by Andrius Miliunas our local fine rep from CRAFT Wine & Spirits LLC. With 15% alcohol by volume, this is quite smooth, quite warming and tasty, and perfect for this colder, damper weather, Try some.
Thanks Andrius. Go to : www.craftws.com for more info. Here is a ' shout out! ' for the fine work of Andrius, and the company that employs him : reward your fine salespeople for their hard efforts, that makes all the difference to us in our retail environment, it helps us do our jobs better. Thanks Andrius, happy New Year!

     FIVE Liquors To Consider :

     1) Tequila Reposado, made/ hecho in Mexico, Hand-harvested, 100% Blue Agave, from El JIMADOR, On Special for $19.99 a bottle. This is smooth and tasty, and a ridiculous price, too! This has sold very well here, everyone has really liked it.
     2) Spirit Whisky , ROYAL CHALLENGE : a blend of rare scotch, select grain and matured indian malts, On Special for $19.99 abottle, made in India, : ' new and very exciting ', great value, too!
     3) Irish Whiskey ' Classic Blend ' triple-distilled, from CLONTARF 1014, On Special for $24.99 a bottle, ... gently aged in Bourbon barrels, a flavorful, bright, intense fire and flame and roast and roar that reminds me of an Armagnac over a Cognac, I like the persistent cajoling burn here! One of my favorite ' values ' here in the store. Thanks again to Eddie Ofori for introducing me to this years ago.
     4) ' Blue Ice ' Handcrafted American Potato vodka ( Gluten Free ), $19,99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, a cool-kool blue bottle with a rippled back, too. It is so smooth, so silky, so easy to sip, lovely. When we first tasted it out the tasting went less than an hour becasue literally everyone that tasted it bought a bottle, and we immediately had to order more. A success then that follows through even now with the great success of TITO'S which is made from corn, not potato. Try this potato spirit on for size, fit and feel on your palate!
     5) ' Alaska Outlaw ' Whiskey, produced and bottled by ALASKA Distillery, from Wasilla, Alaska, $42.99, with 40% alcohol, this has aged so brilliantly, so much time and care taken, and this extra time in the bottle has delightfully mellowed and matured this whiskey from the wilds of Alaska, the purety, the pristine waters, the ice and the snow, the imprint of so many wonderful creatures that roam wild and free and brave and fresh and soooo alive! Try some now, perfect for this winter's cold, wet and dampness now.
WINE From Chris & Tony : 3 Sets Of 3 :
          Three ' Value ' Dry Wines :
     1) SLENT Chenin Blanc/ Sauvignon Blanc from Ayama, South Africa , $11.99 a bottle, 77% Chenin, 33% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine has body, character, freshness, brightness, zip and is ' a steal ' for this price, try some with and without food, lovely. Screw cap , easy to open and to seal.
     2) Zweigelt fruit-forward, unoaked dry red indigenous grape variety from Austria, made and bottled by HUGL Weine, $13.49 a bottle, , for a full liter, chill it slightly for thirty-forty minutes and enjoy the youthful brimming gustatory quality here within, Also a screw cap, so easy to open, serve and seal later.
     3) " All In " Claret from Alexander Valley, from MURPHY-GOODE in Sonoma, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, a blend of the Bordeaux French grapes : 42% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Petit Verdot, and 1% Cabernet Franc. From Santa Rosa, it is ALL about the Cabernet Franc, it takes very little added to taste it!
     What a great value, too, from Alexander Valley to get this quality?!? And it comes from a very challenging year, too. Some of the best California reds I have had recently, that are ready to drink and enjoy now, with character, grip, grit, flavor and honest taste have come from the 2011 vintage.
     Come get some of this ' All In " and see what your tastebuds taste?!? Tasty indeed.
     THREE Fruity / Off-Dry Wines Of Value :
     1) Weinkeller Erbach 2014 liters of floral, off-dry, bright, no bite, just pure delight to sip on it's own, or combine with food, too. Great value at $11.99 for a full liter of wine, from Germany's Rheingau region, with 10.5% alcohol by volume.
     2) ' New Age ' off-dry red from VALENTIN-BIANCHI in Argentina, San Rafael, Mendoza, ... with onlt 6% alcohol by volume, this at $10.99 is wonderfully off-dry, a real treat to those that want all-fruit, no tannins, no bite, no astringency in the taste.
     3) Brauneberger Juffer Riesling- Kabinett, 2013, from Germany's Mosel region, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, this a sumptuous, delightful, rich and bright, ebulent, right, cascading, lulling, rocking, rauchous trip to please the palate, all six senses, yes, prost!
     THREE ' Splurge- Value ' Wines -
     1) 2012 Pinot Noir ' Champ de Reves ' from California's Anderson Valley, On Special for $28.99 a bottle, regularly $32.99, a more earthy, rustic, gutsy, raw and radiant ruby-clear-clairvoyant-too Pinot?!? The sixties, hippies, flower children, dreams and living free and easy, making dreams come tru, a tasty Pinot Noir to enjoy now with a meal! Come see what your taste buds taste?!?
     2) 2011 Barolo 100% Nebbiolo from Italy's Piemonte region, from the CASA E. di MIRAFIORI, $45.99 a bottle. Wow, I tasted this awhile back with our local rep Ronnie Miller and I loved it, A DOCG wine, imported by @DSWE @DomaineSelectWineEstates ... check them out. I remember doing a bang-up job with the 2005 vintage, what a wine, what a steal, just like this 2011! A special treat, old-world style.
     3) ' Clos Apalta ' Estate-Bottled 2009 , a limited release, too from LAPOSTOLLE in Chile's Colchagua Valley, from the Apalta vineyard, with vines 60 years of age, non-irrigated vineyard,, Rappel Valley, Michel Rolland is the oenologue from Bordeaux, France, a wine to age slowly, gracefully, with finesse, breed.
On Special for $94.99, regularly $110.99, we have worked well now with this fine splurge of a Bordeaux-style red since the 2006 vintage, following with the 2008, and now well into the 2009 that is aging gracefully, slowly as it should.
No need to rush this, buy some, save it for a really special moment - NOW !!!!!! D+Serve with food, have the two, the wine and the food ' flesh one another ' fully out of their skins and onto your tongues and palate!
I WANT TO THANK all our reps that came in and supported us in these last holiday times. Your help and time and efforts spent here with us and our customers was greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed. Thank you very much.
WEEK'S TASTINGS : Looks like so far Santos, Chris and I will have to conduct any tastings this week. So stay-tuned for more updates as we pull ourselves together.
AM THINKING about doing an all-pink/ all-female tasting soon to celebrate all females for their invaluable contributions to the fabric , soul, heart, guts, intelligence, beauty that we all live, that we all come together to make work, that will probably be our Big-Theme Wine-Tasting this month, looking at either Wednesday January 11th or 18th to do this : sparkling wines, still wines, dry and off-dry and sweet, all sizes, including the samll 187ml bottle size!
Will start work on this tomorrow, so stay-tuned for more as we make this our focus of January, community, that invaluable female contribution, the will and desire and need to move forward, to prosper, to create, to nurture, to not be bullied, to be respected for who they, for who we all are!

Been working on this and have made some great calls to get this set : asking our female reps for their suggestions, of what they would like to pour? They all love the idea, are thrilled to be a part of this tasting, and so we will work something out that will be grand for the 11th of this month, a Wednesday from 5:30-8:30PM.

Hope you can all join us, celebrate the incredible contribution of our females to the special, wonderful, exciting, warm and special fabric of our lives : YES!
THANK YOU ALL for your great support, it has been grand so far, and we will continue to grow and evolve and unify and work together for all of our greater good! We all work hard, we deserve to see and enjoy the fruits of all our efforst. We can , we will, we must! Cheers,   TONY
HAPPY NEW YEAR. I do not want to be as cynical as our good family friend MJ that said : Wishing you a Happy New Year, at least for the first nineteen days. "
WE / I wish you happy New Year for all of our days and nights, all of our lives, for however long they may be, happy new year, may it be what you all deserve and have worked hard for for all your years!   1/3/2017
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted on January 9th, 2009, read and enjoy it, and check it out for current availability and vintages and pricing? Cheers. Thanks again.