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      What To Add?!? Everything, the World Is Still Our Oyster, There Still Is Time, But NO TIME Like This Time!
     Dashing, splashing, romping and rock-soooooo-roll-roll-rolling! Come see what we have to offer you, like the Ghost-Busters, we here are Heat & Humidity-Busters-Blasters-Slimers,Ohhh-Yeah!
     We Have it all! Look @ Our Selections of Beers :
     1)  Gradisca Lager Chiara 100% Malto D'Orzo, , Italian , a distinct, tasty, flavorful beer that will complement many a meal : it is a liquid meal, so much to discover, so many layers of taste! $5.99 a bottle, ... for a
     2) Midona Golden Ale brewed in Italy by AMARCORD, L'Arte Della Birra .... $5.99 a bottle, a 1 pint, 9 fluid ounce bottle, with 6.5% alcohol, another ' serious hitter ' of a beer, made in the Belgian style, also a fine food wine for a grill or a barbecue, when you want to have a bit of a challange for your taste buds, and you do not mind stopping, rolling the beer slowly over your tongue and waiting for all the flavors to release and reward you!
     3) Eraser IPA India Pale Ale from the ROUGH DRAFT Brewing Company ..., On Special for $5.99 a bottle, a 1 pint , 6 fluid ounce bottle, with 7% alcohol by volume, wonderful, love it for a moment when I want much more weight and taste and heft, a food beer for me where the flavors of the food get into these flavors and round them out, flesh them out, help to deliniate them and give them that ' Kodak moment! '

JAGIR Has Some Fine Liqueurs and Liquors, Too :

          TWO Limoncellos :
     1) Limoncello Liqueur from Paolo & Figli LAZZARONI , $21.99 - a velvet, a silk, a thread of lemon gold here, what a treat, with 26% alcohol by volume .... enjoy!
     2) Limoncello , a premium one from Sorrento, GIOLA LUISA, named after the wife Luisa, this is made by Feliciano her son that has come here and explained how his with the seal of excellence on their label, Limone di Sorrento, $24.99, that uses eleven lemon rinds per bottle is the highest level of authenticity. You can taste it here in the finished product : not so syrupy or jammy, a lovely brightness and acidity, too. Cheers, grazie Feliciano!
          ALSO : 
     1) 100% de Agave Tequila Anejo Anejo from LUNAZUL is On Special for $21.99 a bottle, What an insane deal, amazing value for the money, wow, great color, a great promotion we are running now. Come get some quick while supplies last!
     2) Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch Canadian Blended Rye whisky from ALBERTA Distrillers , On Special for $30.99 a bottle, with 45% alcohol by volume, love the deep rich color, the price, and the flavors that over-deliver here : value and worth it, too!
          WINE From Chris & Tony : Exciting!

          WHITE Wines :

     1) Grechetto indigenous white grape variety from Umbria, Italy : here this 2015 Azienda Agraria SCACCIADIAVOLI dry white ( a grape that makes white Orvieto ) is lively, bright, engaging and exciting, $14.49 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume : a real beauty! Love it.

     2) SBS = Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, a 2013 from Columbia Valley, Washington State : with 12.8% alcohol by volume, called CADARETTA, this is so lively, so flavorful, so appealing and forward, LOVE this, what a great discovery, smooth enough to sip, great with many meals, great even in this heat, medium-to-lighter-bodied.

     3) 2013 indigenous white grape variety called Malagouzia, from ANTONOPOULOS in Achaia, Greece, On Special for $19.99, this white jumps from the glass dives off the edges of the rim of the glass, is engaging, catches your attention, lively and bright, fresh, bristles, is perfect to shake off heat and humidity!
     4) Grenache Blanc 2014 from the IDYL Winery the Mounts Vineyard, a dry white orange-colored wine , only 50 cases made of this complex, compelling, complete, cajoling dry white that will challenge and complement your palates, $27.99 a bottle with 13.6% alcohol by volume!
     5) " Aidani ' 2014 organic from the HATZIDAKIS winery in Santorini, $27.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol is AMAZING! Yes, simply a treasure of nuts and honey, cream-of-filtered-sunshine : striking, sunny and thick, like a liquid amber. This is serious wine. Served down the street at Coppi's Organic restaurant, it shoud barely be chilled. It is like a red wine, it has to be cajoled and waited on patiently for it to reveal all of it's many charms. Do not be in a rush, it may take more than an hour open to blow you away, to play it's full magic on you, the patient here are really rewarded!
          REDS :
     1) Le Petit Pont Reserve Pays D'Oc dry French red blend of  Grenache 50%, 30% Cinsault, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2015, WOW : this red should be chilled 30 minutes and it is absolutely perfect to enjoy in this heat and humidity : I cannot think of much else that is any more agreable to enjoy than this in this weather!
          TWO To Watch The Olympics : 
     2) Tannat 2013, a dry full rich Tannat that is not oaked, from SALTON Winery in southern Brazil, this ' Intenso ' is a perfect red, $14.49 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, chill it down 30 minutes, too and enjoy it while watching the summer Olympics in Brazil : this is a delight, perfect when you grill outside, what a winner!
     3) 2006 " Quorum ' Grande Vindima, from LIDIO CARRARO winery, $55.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, this dry blend of 40% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Tannat, and 15% Cabernet Franc is like having a really fine Italian Veneto dry red : earthy, rustic, intense, flavorful, pithy, perky, powerful, pungent, perfect as a special wine to enjoy watching the summer Olympics with a great steak or meat that you love, or with some great cheeses, enjoy : aged and mature and really special, medium-bodied.
     4) SHINDIG 2014 New York State Finger Lakes dry red blend of  55% Merlot, 40% Corot , and 5% Malbec , with 13% alcohol by volume, this dry red blend is great because of the Corot grape, a hybrid created in New York over years, and now ready to explode on the market, on your palate, to saturate all your tasetbuds, love it. Needs a great chill, chill for 60 minutes, this needs to be chilled, and is perfect to enjoy outside in the heat, $19.99, lovely!
     5) Mariflor 2012 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, from Michel Rolland, $32.99, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, this is a great gift, a soft and fruit-forward delicious medium-to-light-bodied refined Malbec, as more should be - more elegance and finesse. Treat yourselves, treat your friends! A joy ...
     Cheers, Enjoy !
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     TASTINGS For The Week are all listed on our web page at : Cleveland Park Wines ... check us out there.
     Wed, August 10th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Eric Platt tastes ridiculous values from Germany! Wow. Free, no charge, join us.
     Friday, August 12th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Narayan of Global Wines of Maryland is here to work his magic with you all : an assortment of great wines to taste. No charge.
     Saturday, August 13th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy here to work his magic with his Italian small vineyards in Romaggna, Emilia, Puglia, something for everyone, he always delivers the goods, yes he does, Robert will be here from 2-7PM
THANKS For Everything, you all are the very best. Cheers, Happy August, stay cool and hydrated and happy, let us help. TONY  8/9/2016