Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits Want To Feel Bubbly All Over? TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 : 5-8PM, come taste with me the 100% Pinot G

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
     Want To Feel Bubbly All Over?
TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 : 5-8PM, come taste with me the 100% Pinot Grigio dry and crisp rose from LAJARA Organic, On Special for $13.99! I will pour it tonight to get us all ready and primed for tomorrow's Part Two BUBBLY tasting here ..
     PART TWO : Tomorrow, BUBBLY, Sparkling Wine-Tasting 18 bubblies, wow, hurrah, hurray, hurry on over! FREE TASTING, everyone of you always more than welcome, we encourage you to come!
     IT COSTS U NOTHING 2 TASTE, just if you decide 2 buy! Come check and see what you want to finish the year off with and start the new 2016! You have some great and fun ' new selections ' that we did not include in Part One on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.
     REMEMBER that all the bottles over $20 a bottle get a 20% OFF on each of them tomorrow, our Wednesday Wine-Sale Day! 
     YOU CAN SAVE BIG at tomorrow's BUBBLY Wine-Tasting here, and that is great for New Year's just around the corner!
     TOMORROW We Have : FIVE wonderfully professional, talaned, people-friendly, knowledgeable reps, owners of their companies coming to taste :
     SOTIRIS BAFITIS / Table One  : of his own OENOS Greek Imports here ( maybe Nassos, too? ) pouring 4 selections : 
1) DOMAINE KARANIKA Brut Rose, 2014, Macedonia, Greece, using the Xinomavro indigenous grape variety, from Amyndeon, $32.99 a bottle. 2) DOMAINE GLINAVOS 2010 Brut from Epirus, Greece, using the indigenous grape variety Debina, from Zitsa, $32.99. Wonderful and dry, both, I was smitten with both by the second sip of each!
3) ANDREOLA  Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore 2014 Prosecco,  On Special $21.99 a bottle, THE region for the best Prosecco's! Yes! Si!
4) ANDREOLA ' VERV ' Extra Dry ( NV :  it is round and silky and rich , a spectacular non-vintage ) , On Special for $12.99, a favorite of many here.  You know this last of the four, but the first three will be welcome treats and surprises to you all!

ERIN WEAVER / Table Two : Our rep for Lanterna Imports , Erin will pour reall three fine French sparkling wines that inlcudes one creman from the Loire Valley :

1) Le Grand COUTAGE  Grand Cuvee Blanc De Blancs Brut, non-vintage, available in two sizes : a) 750ml bottles On Special for $19.99 a bottle, b) splits or the 187ml sizes, On Special for $6.99
2) Le Grand COUTAGE Grand Cuvee Brut Rose : a) 187ml/split bottles for gifts and small bottles, dry and tasty, some extra body, On Special for $6.99 a bottle. Makes great last-minute gifts for New Year's Eve and Day, too!
Christina Caswell / Kysela Imports : Christina is our rep  ,  ...
( and just like Erin, both are new here this year, bot have done a wonderful job here, and so we welcome them here tonight. As with Craig, Andrew and Sotiris that will be here tomorrow as well, they all are great at their jobs. )
Christina Caswell  / Table Three will pour for you :
1) the WOLFBERGER Brut Cremand D'Alsace, $17.49 that we are so happy to have rediscovered three or so months ago, happy to get it back on our shelves!
2) PAINOUS Cava Brut sparkling Spanish wine, On Special for $9.99 is a freash, lovely, dry delight.
3) SHINDIG Fizzi New York Finger Lakes made from 100% Vidal Blanc, refreshing, really lovely!
Graig Mauro / Table Four : of his own Raja Imprts will pour :
1) Prosecco from CANTINE BUOSO Extra Dry , ' new and exciting ', fun to always be introducing new and exciting wines, especially Prosecco sparkling wines!
     TWO ' New ' English bubblies From HATTINGLEY Valley :
1) Blanc De Blancs ChardonnayTradition Method, NV Brut, $57.99, rich, really creamy and denser, lusher, a real treat for those of you that want lots of body : Rubenesque!
2) Classic Cuvee, Traditional Method, $52.99, lighter, brighterm fermented in oak barrels before going into a secondary fermentation, I like the brightness, freshness, and lightness, speaks volumes to me!
ANDREW STOVER / Vino50-Siema Imports / Table Five  : our rep for Siema, the inspiration-driving force behind VINO50 will pour ...
1) SHINDIG ' Fizzi ' , a 100% Vidal Blanc from the Finger Lakes of New York, clean and crisp, really very bright and soooo refreshing! Some great attitude, too.
2) LEO HILLINGER Sparkling 100% Pinot Noir dry Rose from Austria's Burgenland region. Available in two sizes " ... a) 750ml bottles, $19.99 a bottle, and the .... b) 1.5ml / magnum bottle for a bigger party, $37.99 a magnum : a tasty, balanced delight to drink and enjoy and also help support breast-cancer funding and research for a cure!
     AND Back Again , the RIDGEVIEW : The English are coming again, this time with really fine sparkling wines for us all to thoroughly delight-in, and completely enjoy!
1) RIDGEVIEW , English sparkling Fitzrovia dry rose, $38.49 a bottle : so silky and lovely, an elegant, refined taste that also spoke volumes to me each and every time that I have tasted it, wonderful!


LET US RING OUT this 2015 in style, with great cheers, bubbles, attitude, definition, purpose, joy and great cheer all around!
FREE : Eighteen bubblies ( 19 ), Five ( 5 ) great personalities to taste with, to learn from, to celebrate with : ( in alphabetical order ) : Andrew, Christina, Craig, Erin and Sotiris!
WE ARE HERE 4 U, always have been, always will be.
IT IS BECAUSE of U that we are here, and we thanks U all from the very bottom of our hearts for all your faith, support and business you direct our way. Thank you, gracias, grazie, merci and prost, salut, sante, cheers, we toast you one and all, tomorrow we do this in style.
WE LOOK FORWARD to helping and being here for you in 2016, it will be great, it will be grand, we will be here for one another and navigate the straights and the narrows, the hills, the mountains, the roads, the paths, the streams, the creeks, the valleys, the vales, the lanes, the seas, the oceans, the winds and the grottos, the caves, the cavas , the cellars, the life that comes our way here , ever-changing here in our glorious neighborhood and community of Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington DC, 20008!

Thanks again,   TONY

WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email I wrote on December 29th or 28th, 2010 I believe, read and enjoy it if you have time, anc heck for current availability and pricing! Thanks,  TONY 12/29/2015
     CAN ONE EVER GET ENOUGH BUBBLY? I know, I know : not everyone shares the bubbly passion. That's okay. That's why we have a full store filled right now to overflowing with many more still wines than sparkling ones. Good. Something for everyone : come check it all out and let us help you live your lives real and imagined and fun and fanciful with whatever liquid libations 'n alcohols that your heart or guts fancy?!
     FUNNY, JUST BEFORE NEW YEAR'S WE SELL as much still ( non-sparkling wines ) as we do SPARKLING ONES. As some of you know we did our Sparkling Wine BIG THEME Wine-Tasting here on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009. We served 44 different types and many of those are still here.
     WE INTRODUCED MANY PORTUGUESE SPARKLING WINES to our customers as many of you have never tried any sparkling wines from Portugal and were not even aware that they made any either. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT IS UNDISCOVERED AND CUTTING EDGE come and buy some of the various ones that we still have from white to rose to red as well as from dry to off-dry and sweeter still. Most of them sell for less than $20 a bottle and have clever packaging and sometimes very classic, old-world labesl as well.
     CUSTOMERS HAVE TOLD US that they have never seen so many sparkling/bubblies and champagnes here at one time like this. It's true. We have a whole selection of " new " as well as " Favorites ".
     HERE ARE SOME TO ENJOY : Highly Recommended:
       1) RAPOSEIRA " Reserva " Metodo Classico, Meio Seco,  off-dry ,  ( 11.5% alc by volume , $19.99 ) from Portugal is something fun and exciting and nice for just great sipping enjoyment or even with some holiday cookies with fruit fillings. It has not bite, is not bitter, just nice to enjoy almost anytime when someone comes over ( or you go over ) bringing with them some milder sweet cakes and cookies for holiday celebrations.
     2) SAO DOMINGOS Sparkling Red Brut , $17.49 Classic Method, Portuguese from Barrada is made from the indigenous Baga grape and has a nice, forward, smooth flavor with strawberry overtones and just a pleasure on their palate. This is simply stated a very nice sipping dry yet not taut red with some sparkle. This is something really " new " for us.
     3) NETO COSTA Reserva Tinto Metodo Classico Anadia, Portuguese Bruto red sparkling is ON SALE for $16.99 and also made from the famous indigenous Baga grape. We've sold this well now for years here in Cleveland Park and it is more flavorful, more intense with a bit more flash and zip and pleasing zap. Both these sparkling Portuguese reds are excellent with chocolate : this one with dark chocolate and dark berry fruits, the SAO DOMINGOS with milk chocolate and red berry fruits.
     4) ROTARI Metodo Classico rose and one regular brut non-vintage. Both sell for $13.49 and represent some of Italy's first sparkling wine shipped and sold here in the U.S. It was popular before Prosecco ever was. It comes from Trentino ( Trento , Alto Adige ) north of Veneto where Prosecco is produced. It's also a bit drier and more robust and steely and " serious " if I dare use that word. You should try it, some of both and rediscover one of Italy's great everyday values in excellent sparkling dry wines.
     5) ROGER GOULART 2005 Brut Cava , $22.99, from Penedes, Spain is both a great value and a great example of what makes Spanish sparkling wine so special and never that expensive.
     6) LAETITIA " Brut Cuvee " Arroyo Grande Valley, CA.( $20.99 ) dry sparkling wine was recently owned by the DEUTZ French champagne house and recently sold. It has maintained the high quality of DEUTZ and for yeras we have enjoyed selling it when it was available to us. It's made in a methode champenoise traditional technique from France and I like the extra flavor and intensity of taste that involves some yeast and some nice bread/dough overtones. This is fun and exciting for us and perhaps a brand new discovery for you.
     7) ALFRED BASELY Brut French champagne from Champillon, $27.99 is brand " new and very exciting " as it is so reasonably-priced as well as charming and smooth and bright and so soft on the palate that anyone could enjoy this from the champagne aficionado to the novice just starting. This is a great one to celebrate with and that the chances are high that most will enjoy. EXCELLENT VALUE and SO SOFT and SMOOTH DRY.
     8) JANISSON'S " Francois de Rozay " non-vintage dry brut French champagne, $33.99, from Verzenay has more flesh and is a richer, broader and more dimensional champagne than the mellower BASELY. This is nice to enjoy when you are in search of a broadly-appealing dry French champagne yet with more levels of flavors with more intensity, too. They have updated the packaging and added some gold and a nicer design, too so it also makes for a really handsome/sharp gift to someone special. This is made up where VEUVE CLICQOUT is made and here the production is miniscule and you are paying for the quality within and not all the advertiseing without. Highly recommended. For the last three-four years we have sold it well: always running out in the store before New Year's Eve ....
     9) GOSSET Excellence Brut non-vintage French champagne, $45.99 from Ay is certainly one of the most famous ( yet not ) and liked by our customers here - period, end of statement. We have the other two upper tires as well with the red Grande Reserve non-vintage ( $65.99 ) and the green vintage ( Grande Millesime 1999 ( $99.99 ) bottling which also sell extremely well when people want to up the ante. We also have some magnums of the Excellence Brut ( $99.99 ) still in stock here. All are quite refined and with great longer finishes. We bought lots of both the Grande Reserve red label and the Excellence Brut as both are showing so well with or without food. The Green label 1999 is so much more intense and earthy/gutsy that it requires so much more of us at it's particular stage of development and I'm not sure that any of us want to work that hard.  It's smooth sailing with both others.
     10) HEIDSIECK & Co. " Monopole " non-vintage French champagne from Epernay is available here in the 375ml ( half-bottle , $21.49 ), the 750ml regular size, $36.49 and the magnum ( double 750ml size , $119.99 ). It's great to have this " Blue Top " champagne back as it is also very approachable and elegant with a softer and smoother and broader appeal. It, too may be enjoyed with or without a meal. It's been a very popular item with us over the last four-five years.
    11) PIPER HEIDSIECK non-vintage brut french champagne, On Special for $34.99 with two free champagne flute glasses - while supplies last ) is another great deal to buy either for yourselves or as gifts for friends, family and colleagues. This is a very famous, reliable bottle of French brut/dry champagne that also here represents a great value and fun packaging, too.

     ALL THE " Wonderful Rest " : Some Of The Best :

          BEER :
       1) SAMUEL SMITH Handcrafted Fruit Ale " Organic " English ale brewed with cherry juice natural flavors added. It's On Special for $6.49 ( 1Pt. 2.7fl. USDA Organic ) is something that would be especially nice now with this really cold weather. Also, my family is in London and I want to mention an English product as I think of them. This is from the Melbourn Brothers All Saint Brewery in Stamford, England.
       2) STRAFFE HENDRIK Bruges Belgian Triple Ale 9 ( On Special for $11.49, 750 ml bottle,  9% alc. by volume, )  is another fun cold-weather holiday beer when the sun is out and shining so brightly now with a clear , baby-blue sky and some wispy white trains of clouds and enough in all of this to warm the soul and keep the warmth and inner spirit's flame alive in each and every one of us as we near the end of the 2009 year.
          CIDER :
       1) Cidre Pays d'Auge sparkling French apple cider ( $12.99, 750ml bottle, 4.5% alc. by volume )  from de Christian DROUIN is another wonderful treat or gift for this time of year. It's a great, classic label and package and we still have some here for you all.
          LIQUEUR :
       1) CASTRIES Peanut Rum Creme from the island of Saint Lucia ( On Special for $24.99 , fun bottle for a gift in the 750ml size ) was tasted here last weekend  (along with the " Chairman's Reserve liter bottles of Saint Lucia rum On Special for $24.99 - great deal! ) and it sure would be a nice to drink to cozy-up to around a nice fire as the cold tries to dig deep into us and the wind howls and freezes everything in it's path ...
         LIQUOR :
       1) RUSSELL'S " Reserve Rye " 6-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ( $34.99 ) is " new and Exciting " and well-worth the price. We had 55-year-old veteran distiller of WILD TURKEY here a few months back pouring this as well as all his other excellent small batches and " goodies " . Jimmy created quite a stir here and we sure did have some fun. He knows so much and is willing to talk about it and share with others. Thanks Jimmy : here's to you!   
          PORT :
       1) BARROS LBV 2003 Port Decanters in a beautiful wooden box display, $53.99. This will make a great gift and something wonderful to warm you over these remaining holidays into the New Year. There are only three left so do not delay and respond to this email or call Chris or me immediately. Cheers .... it sure does have some nice character and many wonderful nuances of flavor.


     WHITE :
       1) CHEAP WHITE WINE from California tastes really fresh and sry and refreshing and tastes like a blend of Chardonnay and Riesling to me with other grapes blended in.
       2) PROVENANCE 2007 Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc from Rutherford, Napa California is made by the original winemaker of DUCKHORN and it's ON SPECIAL here for $14.99 is showing really well with the high levels of citrus/mineral and touches/hot-flashes of pepper that would be so nice with well-seasoned meals like Tex-Mex , Cajun, Mexican, Indian, etcetera... It's a lovely treat and we have limited availability now.

       1) FERNGROVE " Symbols " 2006 Shiraz/Viognier On Special for $9.99 from western Australia's Frankland River area is showing beautifully now. We had it open here yesterday and it is medium-bodied and modeled after the French northern Rhones of the town of Cote Rotie. What a deal : what a wine.

       2) ELISEO SILVA 2007 Strah from Washington State's Columbia Valley ( $14.49 )  is an elegant, refined and balanced medium-bodied bottle of dry Syrah to enjoy now with many a cold-weather meal.
       3) DOMAINE LECHENEAUT 2006 Morey-Saint-Denis : On Special for $42.99 ( regularly $69.99 ) : from Robert Kacher selections : this really pleased and impressed me : so fruit-forward, so lively and bright and deliciously seductive and warming, warmness, friendliness, charm, personality and all the trappings of Pinot Noir really make it impossible not to become captive to this persnickity grape that is so hard to harness and make the most of unless you throw many of the grape clusters on each vine first to concentrate the incredible flavors exhibited in all their varied glories here in the DOMAINE LECHENEAUT from Robert Kacher. Drink it up now and feel like a million dollars!
      WE WILL HAVE Various Bottles Open Here at my and Chris' discretion. This will be fun. Now we have the CEDRE HERITAGE French Malbec 2007 Cahors red ( $13.99 ) open as well as the ARROCAL Spanish red 100% Tempranillo Ribero del Duero ( $18.99 ) for tasting with the NETO COSTA dry Portuguese sparkling red ( On Special for $16.99 ) mentioned above.
     COME BY AND HAVE A TOAST WITH US! Happy New Year and Thanks for a Great Year and all you support, patronage and belief in us. We appreciate it, really we do. You all are the best.
     CHEERS and do stop by anytime.... we are always glad to see you.   TONY