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WE ARE SO VERY DAD FOR THOSE THAT LOST LOVED ONES, and it is hard to write this store weekly tuesday email for me this day ...

and yet I must, cruel the day-to-day going forth and persevering, ...

Today my day started with Wilfred that comes here regularly for his mixed case of wines to enjoy with his wife. He is suffering from a cold but otherwise is fine and, together, we walked around the store and composed yet another case of fine reds and whites for he and his wife to enjoy. He has lovely white hair, is tall and wiry and always has a gentle smile with that spark in his eyes to warm you. I like dealing with Wilfred, he is a fine gentleman. Glad to have him as a customre here.
My day continued with entering all the email addresses of you out there that will receive these weekly Tuesday updates from me. I had many business cards from those that sell to us so I have included them as they are already doing business with us or soon will be, like :
1) Mhairi Voelgen the Co-Founder & CEO of BroVo vermouths and amaro and Falernum from Washington State that I wrote about last week, including in many videos on our Facebook page, ...
2) Lisa Williams the Marketing Manager for Aidil Wine & Liquor Importer/ Distributors ...
3) Erik Strong our western regional sales manager of KOLOA RUM Co. Distillers & Blenders, that was here just this morning, catch his video and picks on our Facebook page, ...
4) Derrick Brazier our Washington DC Beer Ranger for NEW BELGIUM, ... 
5) John Barbadoro regional manager of PEAK Organic beers of Maine, we have sold these ever since available here ...
6) Marcus Fowler our Steward of the Brand, Mid-Atlantic region, of the WHISTLEPIG Rye Whiskey, ...
7) Muhanna Sweets DC's Ali Zaaza, ...
8) Leandro Lowi the USA & Caribbean Export Manager , Brand Ambassador of the FAMILIA ZUCCARDI Argentina Mendoza wines, Leandro was just here doing a tasting of three of his fine wines including the Torrontes white, the Bonarda red and the Cabernet Sauvignon red, too ...
9) Paul Clear a Partner of the TERROIR WINE GROUP, ...
10) Jennifer McDivitt, our area private dining manager of POSTE Moderne Brasserie. WOW, what fun, so many faces, so many tastes, functions and flavors and personalities that are all a part of our family here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. I love this, really I do.  
AND ALAN COHEN of LVDH Imports just tasted me on four reds from owner, winemaker Bill Halloran of his own Willamette Valley winer called HALLORAN Winery, Bill will be here pouring these on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 from 5-8PM, free tasting, join us ... along with his barrel-sample of the new white Pinot Gris.
ALWAYS BUSY HERE as some of us  get ready for Purim tomorrow. I have been hearing about this from Marcie and I hope she will tell me more the next time that we meet?
ALSO : TOMORROW : we have a great event here with Nick Stacy the negociant for his own VINACEOUS wines of Australia, and also Mitch Gardiner of the ALLAN SCOTT wines of Marlborough , New Zealand, that will include ...
a Pinot Grigio from VINACEOUS, ...
A Sauvignon Blanc from ALLAN SCOTT, a sparkling brut from ALLAN SCOTT, a Pinot Noir from ALLAN SCOTT, ...
  A Shiraz-Grenache-Tempranillo red blend from VINACEOUS, a Cabernet Sauvignon from VINACEOUS, as well as a ' new ' Malbec from VINACEOUS. including wines of the Margaret River in Western Australia for the reds, and the white Pinot Grigio from the Adelaide Hills, in South Australia. What fun this will be. Join us here tomorrow.
Some of you will recognize Nick Stacy as he has been here ever since we started selling the wines of WEST CAPE HOEW in Denmark, western Australia, way down under at the very tip!
FRIDAY EVENING we also have a fun tasting here for you all to take advantage of with importer Jim Reeves of his own Comete Wines Imports. Jim will taste a selection of his French and Portuguese wines here. We have an assortment of exciting wines from Jim including his ... 1) QDP LASSO indigenous Portuguese white blend, ... his ... 2) QDP Lasso red indigenous blend, too ... 3) his ... 3) CLOTHILDE-DAVENNE Chablis, ... 4) CLOTHILDE-DAVENNE Petit-Chablis, ... 5) the NANDIN-FERRAND ' Aligote ' dry Burgundy white, ... 6) CLOTHILDE-DAVENNE Bourgogne Blanc made right outside the limits of Chablis, tasting just like Chablis, ... 7) the RED HAWK Pinot Noir Cuvee from Oregon, and the ... 8) RED HAWK Grateful Red Pinot Noir named in hommage to the Greatful Dead group! We will decide tomorrow exactly which of these we will pour this Friday! What fun!
AND ON SATURDAY, March  26th, 2016 from 2-6PM we have a tasting of fine South African wines which will feature the two in plastic bottles from TANGLED TREE, ... a 1) Sauvignon Blanc and a ... 2) spicy Shiraz 2014, both really nice to sip and take on picnics, when you hike and camp, lovely. Our U.S. rep will be here to taste those with you, and Michael Cavanagh will taste some others, still to be decided tomorrow, also from South Africa. It will be at Saturday here of fine South African wines, oh yeah!
WALKING AROUND the store just now, late, as I have been distracted by the events happening in Brussels, Belgium, I found a few items to mention here :
     1) " Fatti " Bavarian beer from Schlokbrauerei chr. stelzer Fattigua ' Bio-Perle ', On Special for $3.49 a bottle, a 1 Pt. .9 Fl. Oz bottle, with 4.7% alcohol by volume, a real treat, coem try some!
     2) Easy Jack IPA from FIRESTONE WALKER Brewing Company, a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans with 4.5% alcohol by volume, an India Pale Ale, from California's Central Coast, On Special for $10.99, what a deal, what a rich taste, too.
     3) Peach Flavored Vodka from Austin's Original DEEP EDDY, with Real Peach flavors, $16.99 a bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, this is a fine summer, spring vodka to enjoy now and for the next few months! Get an early start.
     4) La Diablada Pisco  from Peru, $38.99, the ' top Niveau ', the best, smooth, no bite, no edge, no hangover, no chemicals, all natural, a real treat! Mmmmmmm good!
     5) Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from MAHU from Chile's Cassablanca Valley , On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this is a tremendous value, what a wonderful refreshing bright spring wine!
     6) Blanc de Blancs Methode Traditionnelle from SCHRAMSBERG, a Brut 2012, a half bottle/ 375ml bottle size, $25.99 : wonderful, this is really exciting, Chris and I both loved it when we tasted it recently. So much going on, so many layers of taste and flavor, amazing/ ALSO available in the 750ml bottle size, $41.99, 2013 : we tried the 2012, and this 750ml bottle is a 2013, so we will have to try the 2013 now!
     7) Blanc de Noirs 2011 Brut from SCHRAMSBERG was also a favorite with Chris and me, with more weight, a heartier taste, a fine food bubbly here. Formidable.
     8) Cuvee Theo  Riesling Vin D'Alsace from France's DOMAINE WEINBACH 2014, $37.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol, was sipping this recently with Chris, Dan, and Carlor the owner of Coppi's Organic restaurant here. It was dry, tight, intense and steely, not open. I liked it. I LOVED it a couple of days later, the same bottle I took home and drank later, at that point it opened magnificently and revealed all its layers of incredible Riesling charm, finesse, everything almost, loved it. Have it with food now, or put some away and wait patiently!
     9) Gewurztraminer 2014 from the DOMAINE WEINBACH, is a real treat, too $37.99, more full, lush and ripe and delectable. Oh yeah!
SAVE HERE BIG three-ways on wine tomorrow, up to 20% OFF. Call for more details or simply join us with Nick Stacy and also Mitch Gardiner for our tasting from 5-8PM, free, join us, SAVE when you buy the bottles you taste!
THANKS for everything, you all are the very very very very BEST, love you.  TONY
WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email I wrote on this same day in 2011, wow, how time flies. Cheers,  TONY


ON THIS 3rd DAY OF SPRING to start thinking about being outside more and what better wines to do this with than Austrian?!? They are so refreshing and buoyant and lively and fresh and many seem to defy gravity almost. I am always charmed by them and many of you seem to be in this same predicament. It's really a good place to be in and we are here to help facilitate this transition seemlesly into spring here in Cleveland Park with two real experts on Austrian wines : our two special guests -  Klaus Wittauer and Daniel Hubbard. Between the two of them they will with the help of Jean Gagliolo and Sal Furfari be pouring about twenty Austrian wines that covers the whole gambit of what Austria personifies magnificently : sparkling, dry reds, roses and whites as well as sweet wine, too : from grapes that run the spectrum of flavor prfiles ( many indigenous ) : Gruner ( green ) Veltliner, Roter ( red ) Veltliner, Samling, Welschriesling ( has nothing to do with the Riesling grape at all! ), Muskateller, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, for the whites  ; and for the reds : Saint Laurent, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and more. In all with Richard Fitzgerald of Republic-National Imports we will be pouring about twenty-five Austrian wines on this Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 from 5:30-8:30PM. Join us. There is never any charge. To show your support for these Big-Theme Wine-Tastings we ask you to buy at least one bottle. ALL WINES On Special WEDNESDAY from Bottle-One! Everyone will save. THE MORE YOU BUY of course the MORE YOU SAVE. We will have deep savings on buying six or more and twelve or more bottles , mixed or matched.

     This past week Brian came by from the new restaurant opening in the Yanni's old location across the street from us here called Medium-Rare. If all goes well they will be open for business on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011. They will have a really simply but tasty menu with steak and fries fried twice as one choice,  sliced Portobello mushrooms as a second, fresh-baked bread, four beers, twelve wines and four or five sweets to finish off with. This will be a welcome addition to our neighborhood. I was over in the restaurant talking to Brian last weekend and it's looking great, really a nice space.
     LAVANDOU is offering a special to their email customers this coming Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011. You might want to call today to get onto that list at : 202-966-3003 or email them at : Looks pretty apetizing with " Lapin a la Moutarde ", " The Other Bouiillabaise " and " Grand Marnier or Chocolate Souffle " - and all for a ridiculous price, too. I won't put that in here as it's low. So call or email ASAP to get onto their email list and go dine there after our BIG-THEME AUSTRIAN Wine-Tasting here. Trust me, do this, you can't lose. Tell owner Florence and waiters Marc and Philippe that you heard about this here at Cleveland Park wines. This would be a great combination and so economical for everyone this Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011.
     HERVE GANTIER , owner of the French Corbieres vineyard DOMAINE SAINT-EUGENIE was here last Friday with Ronnie Miller of the Robert Kacher portfolio tasting us on his current releases that will all be available here the first week of April : one dry rose and three dry reds : the " Les Clos ", the regular bottling 2008 as well as the special " La Reserve ". too. These are all regular items here.
     ARGENTINA DINNER At PETITS PLATS in early April is already half full. Call or email Laurent Guinand of GiraMondoWine at : He can catch you up to speed. I don't have all the information for it yet.
     JAPAN is HEAVY ON OUR MINDS NOW and so on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 We will host our next BIG-THEME Wine-Tasting and that will be on Japanese sake as well as include some wines of Argentina, too : anything but Malbec for that.
     WINE-DINNER @ DINO With Owner/Wine-Maker Jeff White of the GLEN MANOR Virginia winery that makes a " killer " Sauvignon Blanc as well as other really balanced, flavorful and distinct wines that will pair really well with Dean Gold's cuisine at DINO here on our corner of Ordway and Connecticut Avenue.
       1) J.K.'S SCRUMPY Hard-Cider Farmhouse Organic " Orchard Gate Gold " ( $6.99, USDA Organic, Twenty-Two Ounces Bottle, 6% Alc. By Volume, Gluten-Free, No Sulfites added  ) - Quote from Benjamin Franklin : " He that drinks his Cyder alone, let him catch his Horse alone ".
       2) J.K.S SOLSTICE Hard-Cider Farmhouse Organic " Limited " Spiced and Unfiltered ( $6.99, USDA Organic, 22 Ounce bottle, Gluten-Free, no sulfites added, 6.9% Alc. By Volume ) - another Benjamin Franklin quote here : " Give me Yesterday's Bread, this Day's Flesh, and last Year's Cyder ."
     BEERS :
       1) Summer Wheat Beer HOP SUN Seasonal from Southern Tier Brewing Company ( On Special for $9.99, 6-pack, 12 oz bottles,, ) is brewed with 1 variety of hops and 3 types of malts.
       2) The TANNER'S JACK , English and from the brewers of " Old Speckled Hen " of MORLAND ( On Special for $10.99, 6-pack 12 oz bottles, 4.4% Alc By Volume ) : this hopped ale is brewed to celebrate an 18th century tradition of drinking fine ales from leather tankards called black Jacks or simply " Jacks ".
       1) GLEN GRANT Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10-Year -Old ( established in 1840 ) , ( $42.99 ) is " seductively smooth, fruity and rich ... rich, fruity, delicate nutty finish ".
       2) RUSSELL'S Reserve Rye 6 Yr-Old Kentucky Bourbon Rye Whiskey ( $39.99 , 90% , 750ml ) is something that we actually tasted with Jimmy Russell when he himself came here last year and spent 2-3 hours here tasting one week afternoon with our customers lucky enough to stop by. It's quite excellent.
       3) BACARDI 'S " Ron Solera " ( $19.99, Tradicion Orgullo, 750ml bottle, 40% Alc. By Volume, Hecho en Mexico  ) ... good to have this " new " rum from BACARDI here with us now. Nice gift package, too.
       4) BANK'S Rum Imported 5 Island Rum, " a sophisticated blend of Barrel-Aged rums - Pot-Distilled Jamaican & light Trinidadian, amber rum from Guyana & Barbados. Enhanced and inspired by the journey and discoveries of Joseph Banks. It's $31.99 a bottle for this 43% Alc. By Vulume 750ml bottle that is quite elegant and has great stage presence, too!
       1) Plum Wine from HAKUTSURU ( $14.99, 750ml bottle, 12.5% Alc By Volume, ) with other natural flavors is a product of Japan. Being sweet when we lived in Paris back in the 1970's they used to shave ice and put it into the glass with the plum wine in the Parisian restaurants. My wife and I loved it, really we did at the end of our meals.
       2) TOZAI PLUM Blossom Of Peace ( $19.99, 720ml, alc. 10.5% by volume )  has an almond aroma, ripe plum taste, semi-sweet  ... and can be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif, or throughout the entire meal. " This " ume-shu " is crafted with premium Japanese sake and the region's highest quality ripe green plums, or " shiro-kaga ". You can also add ice, club soda and call it a spritzer or add bubbly and call it a Plum Belini.
       1) Viognier Estate-Grown from Paso Robles, California from RABBIT RIDGE ( $8.99, 750ml, alc. by 14.5% by volume ) is a nice addition to the other RABBIT RIDGE wines that we sell so well here on a daily basis. It's a specially nice wine for this cooler weather and will warm you a bit if you want to enjoy some outside at home or in a cafe.
     2) Chardonnay, unwooded - no oak , in stainless steel, this 2007 is the very last that we will ever have. This 2007 is selling for $13.99 a bottle and MORESON that makes it in Franschoek will no longer make it. So, if you have enjoyed it in the past then come and get some before we have no more.
    3) Torrontes 2009 Reserva from BODEGA TAMARI in Argentina's La Rioja region north of Mendoza ( $15.99 ) is showing really nicely now. It's a perfect 3rd day of Spring wine and one that will warm you all just a wee little bit as the weather starts to climb above the fifties and into the sixties and even the seventies. Cheers. It's also available in a Malbec.
    4) A complex White Blend of Grapes, 2009 JEZEBEL Blanc Oregon white is like a really nice wine from France's Alsace region - more super-rich and super-charged. This one really delivers more than the $19.99 that we are asking. Wine-maker Sara Shaw tasted me on it about two months ago when she visited Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits for the very first time. What a pleasure that was to get caught-up again on all the excellent DAEDALUS wines of Oregon. Many of them are now here on our shelves.
    1) Zinfandel XYZ ZIN Vine Aged Series 2007 ( $15.99 ) is made with grape vines that are a minimum of ten years of age or more. We had our rep Tom open it last week here for you on over the weekend and it showed beautifully. It's from a great vintage in California and showing well especially with a meal to flesh out the flavors of this wine that is best with food. It's a welcome addition here in the store.
    2) " Les Auzines " CUVEE HAUTES TERRES 2008 Grand Vin Du Languedoc Corbieres ( $16.99 ) is a blend of Rhone grapes like Cinsault and Mourvedre - organic and quite a flavorful, solid and stylish dry red with cascading flavors to entice anyone bear out of it's winter slumbers.
    3) Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Kakheti ( $18.99 ) from TELIANI VALLEY ( 13% Alc. By Volume ) is a favorite here. Made in the country of Georgia it's one of the regular wines that we sell here and which many of our customers have already tried. Come check it out - you will be surprised. Cheers.
   4) Dry Red Blend called " Point Break " 2007 ( $22.99 ) from the LONGBOARD Vineyards is showing really well. When wine-maker Oded was here a couple of weeks ago here in the store and then later at his Ardeo Wine-Maker dinner on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 it was showing really well in both places. I know, I went to the dinner at Ardeo and it was one of the nicest evenings and meals that I have had in a long time. Enjoy some of it now - it will be great when you start grilling outside.
   5) Pinot Noir from Califirnia's Alexander Valley and made by the LONDER Vineyards. It sells for $32.99 a bottle and once that it is open for between and hour and two hours it starts to shine and perform at such an unimaginable level of flavors fully open and rounded, completely fleshed-out and so nice on the tongue and on the palate. The whole mouth fills with it's tastes and one is calmed, relaxed and immediately satisfied or at least teased and pleased and a willing and eager participant! Cheers.
     WEDNESDAY, March 23rd, 2011 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) - We have our BIG-THEME AUSTRIAN Wine-Tasting with Klaus Wittauer & Daniel Hubbard here to enlighten and entertain you with all their vast knowledge of Austrian wines. JOIN US, NEVER any charge. 25 AUSTRIAN Wines To Taste.
     FRIDAY, MARCH 25th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Danielle Davidowitz of Dionysos Imports here to taste some Turkish, Portuguese and Greek wines with you all. Greg and I tasted them this past week and really liked them and thought that they would make for a really fun wine-tasting here. Some dry rose, too as it is spring. We may also try a dry rose Prosecco as well. We will see.
     RAVINDER SHARMA has scheduled a  Bend, Oregon NUDE Vodka  tasting this weekend as well. It's simply seductive.
     SATURDAY, March 26th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : We have Chris Bartha here from Cobblestone Imports to taste a variety of his excellent wines still to be decided tomorrow when he makes his call on our store. Recently he has tasted us on so many excellent wines that it will be fun picking through the selection with him tomorrow. May be some German, may be from California and maybe from Tuscany - hard to say just yet. Stay-tuned and call or inquire at : 202-363-4265 if you need to know if friends and family are visiting.
I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING But It's Time To Send This E-Mail NOW. SO MUCH TO SAY, so little time. Just received some EMERALD BAY Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and Chardonnay - both for $9.99 that both Greg and I enjoyed tasting here last week. Another great addition for the store and our customers. Cheers and see you today, tonight, tomorrow and hopefully every time you need our expert advice and help. We trade and count on it as it's what keeps us relevant to  you all.  TONY