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     THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS to look forward to , Three I Can Think Of Immediately If You do not include the FABulous weather we are having now, ... this is what you all have to look forward to here this week :
     1) Great selection of ' new and exciting ' spirits, beers, ciders, and wines that I will discuss and offer here today for your consideration ...
     2) Our Monthly Wednesday Big Theme Chilean Wine-Tasting here with 20-25 wines ( I still have not counted ) , with three fine people pouring / three fine distributors and owners, too :
          a) Manuel Rojas of his own winery's wines of : ALMA De Chile, DOS PASOS and IN SITU. Manuel Rojas is also our featured guest at our Chilean Wine-Organic Food-Pairing dinner at Coppi's Organic restaurant the next night, Thursday, Sept. 15th, 2016 from 6:30PM, onwards, call now, ASAP : 202-966-0770 to reserve your seats, still room, $80 a person all-inclusive, 4 courses, four wines ), what fun!  Angela Milas  will be here to assist Manuel as they have ten wines or more to pour tomorrow night.
          b) Stephen Watkins and our own favorite Jody Jackman pouring the fine wines of : COUSINO-MACUL Winery, LEYDA Winery, and TERRANOBLE Winery, too, : eleven wines in all that Stephen and Jody will be pouring.
          c) Craig Mauro of his own Raya Imports has a trusted pourer coming in his place as he will unfortunately be in Chicago. However, we will pour for you all : TRABUN Wines, ALTA CIMA Wines and also POLKURA wines, : five wines in all !
     TWENTY-SIX wines poured here for you all, maybe 27, we will see, plenty, and something for everyone to enjoy.
     HERE ARE My Tasting Notes so far :
          TABLE Number One W/ Special Guest & Owner Manuel Rojas and Sandra his wife, along with Angela Milas pouring : From Chile's Aconcagua Valley :
     1) Chardonnay 2013 from DOS PASOS, On Special for $8.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, Central Valley, a non-oaked, fruit-forward, smooth, bright, refreshing Chardonnay : lovely!
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Aconcagua Valley 2013 vintage, from Chile's Aconcagua Valley : A stainless steel Cabernet Sauvignon, that is really quite rich, pithy, perky, tasty and so flavorful, it blew owner Carlos of Coppi's Organic restaurant and me away when we tried it at his restaurant a couple of months ago. Classic, made to complement a meal, a ridiculous wine-VALUE to enjoy with many a food, love it! With 13.5% alcohol by volume, chill 30 minutes, enjoy thoroughly inside or outside.
     3) Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Private Collection Aconcagua Valley ALMA De Chile, On Special for $9.99 , with 13% alcohol by volume, this showed magnificently the other night at the Smithsonian Zoo at the Grapes With The Apes fundraiser, everyone loved it on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 when Manuel, Sandra and I poured it in the V.I.P. tent there : great event!
     4) Syrah Private Reserve 2011 from the ALMA De Chile, Private Reserve , On Special for $9.99 a bottle, again this showed like liquid red-gold at the National Zoo Grapes With The Apes fundraiser. It is soooo smooth, silky, bright, balanced, lively and lilting, lulling, like swaying with a gentle breeze in a hammock! With 14% alcohol by volume, this is another great winner to enjoy now : chill 30 minutes.
     5) Carmenere Private Reserve 2011 ALMA De Chile dry red from Chile's Aconcagua Valley has turned the corner and has softened quite nicely as it tasted more open, more rounded, fleshier and smoother than in the past when we poured it at the Zoo's Grapes With The Apes fundraiser on Sept. 1st, I liked it even more now, it has really become friendlier and brighter : si, claro que si! On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol, showing nicely !
     6) Reserve Chardonnay 2011 IN SITU  Valle De Aconcagua estate-bottled, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, it tastes like a lovely white French burgundy from the Challonaise region : developed, flavorful, substantial, remarkabel really for only $12.99 On Special : this is serious dry white, layered and tasty white!Estate-bottled, with 14% alcohol by volume, highly recommended. Enjoy.
     7) Reserve 2012 Cabernet Saivignon IN SITU , On Special for $12,99 a bottle, just tried some last night : loved it, classic, traditional, unmanipulated fruit-forward Cabernet that is lovely by itself, smooth, bright, fresh, and will also complement many a meal!
     8) Reserve 2012 Syrah IN SITU, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, this is brawnier, more angular, heaftier, more rough and tumble, best with a meal, more modern in style, a treat with anything off a grill, marinated or well-seasoned, will clear your palate leaving you wanting both another bite of your food and another sip of your Syrah. Chill 30 minutes before serving.
     9) Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 from IN SITU and Chile's Valle de Aconcagua, estate-bottled, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, this is a real gem, a real treat, sooooo smooth, so bright, polished and refined , love it. Many of you do, it is such a great success here already. Come discover it if you do not know it already!
    10) Carmenere 2010 Gran Reserva from IN SITU, estate-bottled, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, this is a bit beefier, heartier, more bold and in-your-face than the Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a big success here, too : great with a meal, being featured at Coppi's Organic restaurant on Thursday night Sept. 15th, 2016 6:30PM, $80 a person, all-inclusive : CALL : 202-966-0774 and reserve a seay asap!
          TABLE Number TWO : Jody Jackman & Stephen Watkins :
     1) 2015 Sauvignon Gris from COUSINO-MACUL in Chile's Maipo Valley, $16.49 a bottle, rich and fruit-forward, bright and so fresh and smooth as you sip it. We all liked it that tried it here this weekend : Narge, Robert, Chris, Lynne, me, Abigail, Katarina - yes, it is lovely, a real treasure, a real treat, with or without food, come taste and discover it, you will be lulled, cajoled, rocked and pleased!
     2) Syrah of COUSINO-MACUL, from the Central Valley, $11.99 a bottle, a softerm brighter, younger, fleshier, fruit-forward pleasing dry red without any edge, nice sipping, very pleasing, great outside or indoors, with or without food, chill slightly 30 minutes and relax and enjoy, si si si snores, senoras!
     3) Merlot ( sustainably farmed ) 2013 ' Antiguas Reservas ' Merlot, $17.49 a bottle, from the D.). Valle del Maipo, this is a real beauty, so smooth and bright, elegant, with finesse, balance, we all loved it here from Marge to Robert, Chris and me when we tasted it here this past Saturday afternoon, a great ' new addition ;
' to the Antiguas Reservas fine line of wines : great now, chill slightly, will complement and not overpower, was great Saturday through Monday night, opened, evolved and pleased always.
     4) Finis Terrae 2011 dry red Cabernet and Merlot blend from COUSINO-MACUL is showing more fire and guts and earth and terroir and tobacco and leather and flovors that need a meal. We opened it here on Saturday afternoon and it has continued to evolve in the bottle beautifully, a fine food wine, it was soooooo tasty last night with our meal at home, and the cheeses before, too : a really fine balanced red to excite your tastebuds with food to flesh it out, $28.49 a bottle.
     5) Garum Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from LEYDA Winery In Chile, small production : riddled with racy, wild and excitable Gooseberry Sauvignon Blanc flavors, what a spicy, zesty, zippy, flavorful dry white, $25.49 a bottle, both Lindsay and Marge really liked it a whole lot on Saturday afternoon here, a very distinct flavor profile that screams out to be heard, will not be forgot! Come taste and see what you all think, Katarina also liked it on Sunday night after it had been opne already a full day, did not lose anything.
     6) Lot 5 Chardonnay 2012 from the LEYDA Winery , from Chile's Leyda Valley,  $45.99 a bottle, really smooth and creamy and balanced and peaceful and fleshy and lulling and lingering and lush and rich : it has it all - so much satisfaction is wrapped up in these Chardonnay flavors Lot 5! A winner through and through! Luxuriate in these flavors, stretch out , limb and mind and enjoy! Celebrate fully.
     7) " Classic ' Pinot Noir from Chile's Leyda Valley, from LEYDA Winery, this jumped out at us, we all liked it on Saturday afternoon, more than the  Lot 21 2013 that we also tried ( thought about pouring both but decided not to this time, a medium-to-light-bodied Pinot Noir, what a toasty, roasted cherry-berry-earthy-pithy, slightly more angular taste that will completely flesh-out when combined with food, chill 30 minutes and enjoy!
     8) Cabernet Sauvignon D.O. Colchagua Valley Gran Reserva 2012 TERRANOBLE, $20.99 is a real treat : immediate lush and succulent, intoxicating aromas of toffee, chocolate, coffee and some accents of creamed spice and toast and flesh-of-grape flavors, so seductive, so pleasing : what is not to like - to love here?!?
     9) Carmenere 2012 Carmenere D.O. Colchagua Valley Grand Reserva TERRANOBLE  , $20.99, is even more decadent, redolent, perfuled, plastered and plussed and pleasured with that toffee-chocolate-coffee taste : insanely pleasurable, will rock and swing you in a magical hammock and carpet ride with gentle and pleasant breeses and enjoyment!
    10) Caremenere 2012 CA2 ' Costa ' Colchagua Valley from TERRANOBLE, dry red , $34.99 a bottle, 14% alcohol by valley , is a more refined, more polished, lore silky Carmenere dry red, less heft, less power, a bit slower to evolve and strut it's stuff, be patient, come back as it opens up more gradually, a treat in subtle nuances of flavor.
    11) Carmenere 2012 CA1 ' Andes ' Cochagua Valley TERRANOBLE , $34.99, the epitome of elegance and subtle nuances of deliciously seductive and tantalizing flavors that tug and gently pull and rub themselves up along the length of our tongues - a real treat that is great to sip and also to enjoy with a meal, lovely, come see which you all prefer? They have all lasted since being opne since Saturday afternoon , and I will see how it tastes now this Tuesday night? I bet it still has plenty to offer, will tell you all more tomorrow!
          TABLE Number THREE : With Craig Mauro and his assistant pouring.
     1) Gewurztraminer 2014 from ALTA CIMA, $14.99 a bottle : enjoyed this last night with a goat's brie-cheese, and also a straight goat's cheese, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Good weight, flavor, polish and balance, liked it quite a bit. A milder, easier-to-sip and enjoy all by itself Gewurz, also nice with food, but very pleasing all by itself, cut through the heat, nice,
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 from ALTA CIMA, $14.99 a bottle : I still have to try this, will tonight when I get home and enjoy a glass with my wife after work. Sorry I cannot elaborate more, need to taste it again as it has been awhile since I last tasted. I like this winery, however, am pleased to offer these three wines.
     3) Syrah 2013 from ALTA CIMA, $14.99, Chris likes this one the best. I had to agree, it really shows well, tried it Thursday night with my dinner at home and really enjoyed how balanced and fleshy and flavorful it was, everything in place, it was very agreeable, just tasted good : good brightness and flesh, easy to sip, I liked it, Last night I had another glass with my neighbors Jim and Yvonne, and the three of us really liked it as more of the flavors developed and showed really clearly, with nothing suffering, may have to age for another year or three before all this comes out of the glass when you first open the bottle. But most of you will not wait, will not have the patience, will crack and pull the cork of the bottle sooner than later, a treat!
     4) Syrah 2010 from POLKURA, $22.99 a bottle. I tried this awhile back with Craig Mauro and enjoyed it then, and need to try it once again. Will have to wait until tomorrow night when I restaste it
     Crai Mauro feels strongly that Chile's Syrah is a real special treat, undiscovered, unappreciated. We will put this to a taste as we try these six Syrah wines. Come taste and see what you think?!?
     5) Syrah 2010 from TRABUN Wine, from Chile's Cachapoal Valley, Requinoa, $29.99 with 14% alcohol by volume,  ... we just tasted it with the owner here himself last week, Sergio Avendano Rojas, Enologo / winemaker, ... a real silky vibrant treat that opens really slowly, gracefully, what a treat : tastes gret from the first sip, delicious, delectable into the third and forth and fifth sips, a winner - a wine with class, balance, breed and real spit and polish : come see what you all think!
SAVE BIG three ways on Wednesday night, UP to 20% OFF the marked sticker prices on these wines we will taste.
     FREE TASTING here, join us also on Thursday night at Coppi's Organic Restaurant, $80 a person , all inclusive : CALL : 202-966-0770 and make your reservations!
     FRIDAY, September 16th, 2016 : We have Oscar Losama of Voila Imports tasting the Original Malbec and Chardonnay here with you all, from France's Limoux region just south of the town of Carcassone. Join us, free tasting.
     ALSO : We have BALLAST POINT Brewery beer tasting with many flavors, styles, ( with Ryan Finnegan pouring ) ...5-8PM
and also a Mezcal tasting of CASA NOBLE, two types, maybe three, join us, free tasting! 5-8PM

     SATURDAY, September 17th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrea Shank here to do a tasting of the fine wines of Argentina - LA PRADERA dry red Bonarda, Malbec and also the dry white Torrontes, as well as the CHANARMUYO Chardonnay from La Rioja, Argentina ..., as well as some of the fine sherry Cream-style of ALEXANDRO. Free, join us, bring family and friends, lots of them, let us make this moment special for all of us. Andrea works with Tradewinds Specialty Imports!

THANKS For Everything, you all are the very best, we cannot do any of this without you, you know that, we know that. Cheers, Tony