PAUSE, REFLECT, let the possibilities sweep over you, it can, should and will happen if we slow down some and get away from all our screens!
WE HAVE PASSOVER, EASTER and EARTH DAY ahead of us and we have TWO ' Big-Theme ' Tastings this month :
1) Our 2nd Big-Theme BEER-TASTING on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 :
     1)We have Andy Jones of his own MADIDUS Importers here to taste some of their fun and exciting ' new ' beer selections from : 
     BOTH from Canada
     AND -
     - ARCADIA
     BOTH from Michigan
     2) Carmelo Sutera , export manager of Brasserie du BOCQ
     - DUBOCQ Saison Blanche de Namur
     3) Lindsey Ely , sales account manager DC / VA / MD of ABITA Brewery
     4) Pat Amarone DC/ MOCO/NOVA Territory Manager of HEAVY SEAS BEER
    5) John Haley of BOLD ROCK Hard Cider , real apples, real craft ...
SANTOS and these five professional beer/cider  specialists are working out more of the details this week and so will be able to include more soon.
JOIN US ON Thursday, April 6th, 2017 : 5:30-8:30PM : taste and experience some really fine beers and ciders here with us. We are fine-tuning our beer tastings, this is the second, and it will include some really special ' new ' beers, some you already know, as well as some cider that is so tasty in this warmer weather coming our way!
FREE BEER & CIDER Tasting, join us, learn, meet others that share your interests, have fun, too!
Our ...
 Big Theme Wine-Tasting is a bit late in some ways for the topics, in other ways a great way still to pay respect and celebrate our days of Passover, Easter, and Earth Day that are in April though already passed. This means we will have wines that are kosher and some from Israel, too ( they may not all be kosher ), for Passover, and for Easter we will taste some fine wines made in the United States that are perfect for this time, too : and for Earth Day we will have some fine sustainable farming, vegan, organic and biodynamic wines to pour.
STAY-TUNED, just started working on all of this a couple of weeks ago and still have a whole lot to do.
I HAVE A BEEF to share with you all, just so you know the signs I have put on the inside of our storefront windows we had to move yesterday becasue the DC district Goverment came by and told us it was illegal to have them up as they obstructed the view into the store. I have moved two of them and placed them on the ways of our display window wells. We still firmly believe and are here to support the community in any way that we can. Cheers. Come in and speak to me please if you need any further clarification.