Beers On Special 7/21-28/2015

FROM SANTOS in BEER we have :

1) Raspberry Stout HARDYWOOD PARK Craft Brewery made in Richmoand,
Virginia, this Reserve Series, berries grown by AgriBerry, with 9.2%
alcohol by volume, $10.99 : ' new and exciting ' and perfect to enjoy now!

2) Premium Pils Authentic Czech Gold Medal from PRAGA, since 1784,
with a wonderfully-low alcohol of only 4.7% - not such a bad idea with
these near 100 degree days of ours, easier to deal with with the added
heat. I like that. Cheers.

3) Limited Edition Bottled in 2014 SAMICHLAUS Classic Malt liquor from
the CASTLE Brewery Eggenberg, Austria, $18.99 for a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle,
brewed once a year on December 6th, and it is aged for 10 months before

4) Halia 2015 Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale, from Chicago, Illinois,
$24.99 a 750ml bottle, from GOOSE ISLAND, contains wheat, this is ale
fermented in wine barrels with peaches, with 7.8% alcohol by volume, ' new
and very exciting! '