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Come By, B Prepared 2 Watch 2-Night's State-Of-Union Address!


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     GREAT NEWS : It's Our 20% 2-Day Wine-Sale! Oh Yeah, This Is Great News Indeed!
     TONIGHT : Come by early, be prepared, get what you need to enjoy  before watching  tonight's State-Of-The-Union Address! 

     Tomorrow : Power Ball Drawing Over 1.3 billion dollars, smackers, dolares, bucks, 4-bits times one-point-three-plus BILLION DRAW later tomorrow night!

     SPEND YOUR MONEY EARLY before the drawing, have a bottle of French champagne handy while you watch the numbers hit your screen.
     IF YOU PREFER come by for a bottle of George Dickle, just like our customer just did?!?
     OR MICHAEL just called from a big local hotel asking for me, wanting to know if I had any of the Chateau Beychevelle Saint-Julien dry and magnificent red Bordeaux ( from a great vintage, I will quickly add ! ) to enjoy tonight.
     SO MANY CHOICES as you watch the State-Of-The-Union address like some SANTA LUZ ' Alba ' Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, both ON SPECIAL for $7.99 to watch tonight's broadcast.
     PERHAPS YOU WOULD RATHER ENJOY tonight some " Welcome Scoville Jalapeno IPA " , On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of cans, from JAILBREAK Brewing Company , from Maryland tonight? It is local from Maryland, and we tasted it here this past weekend.
     WHILE THINKING ABOUT WHAT you might do if you win tomorrow's Power Ball drawing you might enjoy sipping some CATOCTIN CREEK Pearousia Limited Pear Brandy, from Purcellville, VA., $28.99 for a 375ml bottle?!?
     OR MAYBE AS YOU GET READY to win tomorrow's 1.3+ billion dollar drawing you might enjoy drinking some of the ONE 100% Winter Wheat Imported vodka from Moldova?!? It is On Special now for the ridiculous low price of only $13.99 for a bottle of 750ml, 40% alcohol by volume. From our friend Dmitrii.
     SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, start some of them here, ot at least include us soemwhere in the string of events, let us all be vital and revelant together! We do it so well, with such panache, lively, exciting, in style, with heart and passion and so much more.
     TOMORROW we have our 3-Part Wine Special SALE here all day long. SAVE UP 2 20% OFF on your purchases here. Remember that when you buy a bottle of any wine, sake, sherry, madeira, marsala , sparkling ( not Moet or Veuve Clicquot ) and non-sparkling that you get 20% OFF on that bottle,
     SAVE BIG always here @CPWINESPIRITS, you deserve whatever we can save you, we owe it to you. You are all the very best.
     I HAVE WALKED THROUGH the store and have some more things to bring to your attention. These are some ' treasures ' I have just found.
     BEER From Santos :
     1) Bourbon County Brand Stout from GOOSE ISLAND, $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle, ... brewed, barrel-aged & bottled by GOOSE ISLAND, it develops in the bottle up to 5 years, from th 2015 vintage, it is the original bourbon aged stout! Come get some while we still have some.
     2) 20 Higher Math Golden Ale brewed with chocolate and sour cherry juice, $10,99 a 12 ounce bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume, wow, packs both some flavor and some pow pow power, too!
     3) Helles Malt Liquor from Austria, from SAMICHLAUS, $21.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, " The World's mostextraordinary beverage ", with 14% alcohol by volume. Warm us all up in this biting cold today, with snow flurries coming later, and tomorrow cold, too ...
     WITH SNOW FLURRIES coming tonight ( I repeat myself to be sure you all read this the first time ), and with the temperatures staying really cold tomorrow .... we have ...
     LIQUOR, LIQUEUR From Jagir & Malkit :
     1) Dark 'n Stormy  ready-to-drink rum cocktail / cocktail au rhum pret a boire ... from GOSLING'S, On Special for $10.99, a 4-pack of 250ml cans that equals 1 liter, with 9% alcohol by volume, something for everyone while taking a quick commercial break tonight from the State-Of-The-Union Address, step outside for a few, enjoy a few sips, step back inside, and return to the address tonight ...
     2) 100% Winter Wheat Imported vodka, ONE from Moldova, On Special for $13.99 a 750ml is really smooth, a nice fluid, silky bright vodka delight, steal of a price, too!
     3) Espresso Liqueur from AVION, On Special for $11.99 a 375ml bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, enjoy a nip of that, too, mixes well, will warm you even with a biting breeze, look outside at the moon, howl if you dare, smile certainly no matter what!

     4) Dual cask finished in American & French oak barrels, this gin from FILIBUSTER, $40.99 a 750ml bottle, with 45% alcohol, Batch 2, only 2,986 bottles made, come get some, try out this ' new ' set of profile flavors from Evanston, Illinois, then go into Chicago and listen to some jazz and some blues, too!

     5) Aged 12 Years Single Malt Irish whiskey very original reserve , from KNAPPOGUE CASTLE, On Special for $35.99 a 750ml, aged in bourbon oak casks, really quite flavorful, very impressive, a lot of taste to satisfy us, warming, great depth, greater highs and lows and everything in between, GREAT VALUE, too!

NEWS FLASH for DC local spirits business :

AND For the POWER BALL and the State-Of-The-Union, and also for the BACARDI shift to Southern, leaving Breakthrough Distributors ( formerly Washington Wholesalers, - I have just learned about this talking with some of our DC sales reps, Joseph, Matt, Stuart, our hearts go out to them as the business gets ready for a monumental change in the spirits' workforce here and they shuffle, scramble, and dash to realign and make sure they have jobs still and are able to make a living, pay their rents, pay their mortgages, buy groceries, pay utilities, etc ... ), this is a real tough situation, and we wish the very best for them.

WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) Dry white Arinto and Fernao Pires flavorful, rich blend of Portuguese grapes, from VINHAS Do LASSO, in Lisbao, wonderful, regularly $15.99, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, a real treat!
     2) Dry red Rioja, Spanish red Tempranillo blend , this Cuvee KPF from MONTEBUENA, On Special for $9.99 is finally back-in-stock, just arrived earlier this morning, thrilled to have it back, come try some tonight while listening to the State-Of-The-Union Address!
     3) Zweigelt dry indigenous red from Austria, from PAUL D., $10.99, from Direder Paul, a full liter , with 12.5% alcohol by volume, a fruit-forward, bright, quaffing version of this popular Austrian grape variety, ZWEGELT. When was the last time you Zwegelted?!?

     4) Cava Metode Tradicional Spanish Cava from CANALES CANALES " Marta ", vintage 2011, On Special for $13.99 a bottle, regularly $19.99, FABulously rich, flavorful, complex, long mouth-feel, even longer finish, what an extraordinary treat to sit around watching television, games, DOWTON ABBEY, American Idol, the State-Of-The-Union, whatever you like , a great quaffer that raises the bar really high and takes you right along for such a soothing, lulling, pleasing ride, too!

     5) Bonarda Serie A Santa Rosa, Argentina from ZUCCARDI, 2012, $16.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, an Italian grape from Oltrepo Pavese, Italy originally, they have planrted and grown a whole lot of excellent, stylish, balamced, elegant even, there is spit and polish, hard work, real attention to detail : fine wine dry red here!
     6) ' Collection ' 2012KirmiziSek Sarap dry red Okuzgozu from DIREN, Turkey, $18.99 a bottle, a refined, a bright, a spicy, perky, very tasty dry medium-to-light-bodied red to enjoy with many a meal. We have had it now for 6 months or more and are thrilled to offer it to you,  with 13.3% alcohol by volume!

     7) ' Laika ' 2013 Gruner Veltliner ' Old Mission Penninsula, $18.99, from CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE, Ltd, Traverse City, Michigan, so lively, dry and bright , a real treat! We love having this!

     8) ' Tumlin ' 2011 Roero 100% Nebbiolo dry red from Italy's Piemonte rgion, from TENUTA FRATELLI POVERO Azienda Agricola, On Special for $19.99, regularly $23.99, , with 14% alcohol by volume, : classic, flavorful, great spice, leather, steel, firmness, barnyard, dust, medium-to-lighter-bodied, a fine food wine, really fine, only less than two cases that just arrived here. Call to claime your bottles, pay tomorrow and each bottle become $16 a bottle, what a grand deal, what a superb wine! Love it.
    9) 2013 Cabernet Franc Finger Lakes, $20.99, from New York State's Finger Lakes region, these are always lovely, firm, more steeled, more fine-tuned, exercized expressions of the Cabernet Franc, medium-to-light-bodied, more of a food wine, from RAVINES, $20.99 a bottle, what a treat to have, goes with so many foods, finger foods tonight while watching the State-of-The-Union Address, or with a feast later tomorrow night when celebrating your big win, big draw of the Power Ball lottery! Oh yeah!
Wednesday, January 13, 2016 : ( 5-8PM ) : We have Kerry Tate pouring some delicious cru beaujolais from Fleurie that I really enjoyed tasting with him last Tuesday! More as well, ... we will decide later today. Cheers.
Friday, January 15th, 2016 : ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris here pouring some FABulous German ' new arrivals ', wow, special, what a treat for you all! Come taste : ... 1) WEINGUT KREUZBERG, some ... 2) SCHLOSS VAUX sparkling Sekt, and some ... 3) WEINGUT STADT Klingenberg, some really very special treats for you all.
Saturday, January 16th, 2016, 2-6PM, ... in the works, will decide this tomorrow, have some calls out, have some special ideas, just have to pull it all together, dor my ' i's ' ... cheers!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, exciting, really trying times, lots on the line, lots to do, lots to keep in focus and in balance, love when you all come by, when you are here, when we work through things, navigate the waters, the cliffs, the valleys, the oceans together.
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CHEERS, YOU ALL ARE ' The Best " ...
LOOK OUT SOON for snow flurries...
ENJOY TONIGHT'S State Of The Union Address if you watch it, or American Idol , ...
PLAY THE POWER BALL Lottery today or tomorrow before the drawing tomorrow night for more than 1.3 billions smackers, dollars, bucks, 4-bits times 1.3+ billion ,,,,      oh yeah, having fun, always.    TONY