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HERE IN CLEVELAND PARK we're getting everything ready for a you all to give you plenty of ideas to celebrate with this weekend, especially this Sunday, but hey, there is always ONE Valentine's Day in a year as well as 364 UN-Valentine's Days, too, just like birthdays and un-birthdays, anytime is a great time to show your love, appreciation and warmth, spread it always, let us help you with some liquid libations to help you relax and smile broadly! Cheers.
I AM STILL LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION as I start to type this ' organic email ' that I will post today by 5PM for you all to read and enjoy. If you have any ideas please do share them with us here this week : our ears are always listening, our eyes always open.
I JUST DID A DISPLAY on our tasting table in a heart shape, see if you can find it, find your place : Heart-You, Heart-Us, Heart-Love 4 ALL! Cheers.
LAST NIGHT MY WIFE and I celebrated our anniversary of many years! and we chose to do it close to home at Cafe Mozart. It was wonderful, really special. We enjoyed ourselves so well, and we even made four ' new friends ' ( John, Elizabeth that were celebrating their 46 years of being married, Kevin ( celebrating his 52nd birthday, and his wife Renee ;  six, if you include both Max our waiter from Austria that also lived a long time in northern Italy,  and the brunette waitress, too, that served the other two tables.

WE ENJOYED THOROUGHLY a bottle of the STRAUSS ( Gustave ) Classic Sauvignon Blanc, $18.99, from  Steiermark,Gamlitz, Austria, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, that was very reminiscent of a racy, lively, spry and almost a touch of spritz-style Pouilly Fume, Loire Valley dry mineral, rich and citrus, too Sauvignon Blanc, we really did love it!

IT WAS SMASHING, really a great treat for us six there at Cafe Mozart. We all do recommend it. I asked Max for the list of aperitifs and spied that they had the MOLETTO De Nebbiolo Da Barolo Grappa, $42.99 a bottle that we sell here, and I ordered each table a glass to celebrate together before leaving. That cemented the whole evening for the six of us , and I would not be surprised that we get together sometime later? You never know.

I WAS ASKING my wife questions about her earlier trips to Italy and what she had enjoyed then, before we even met and got married. She had enjoyed Amaretto  and also some grappa. There was no amaretto on the list that I could see at Cafe Mozart, so I ordered the grappa, taking a chance that she would enjoy some of it? I was very lucky, she did.
THE GRAPPA di Nebbiol Da Barolo from MOLETTO really did impress all of us. With 43% alcohol by volume, it was fruit-forward, softer, silkier, fleshier, rounder and much more appealing than I would have imagined. I was very pleased, we all were.
I HAD THOUGHT about offering each of the three tables some of the Moscato like the G.D. VAJRA Moscato Di Asti, $20.99, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, that I just tried here a little more than a week ago with owner Francesca Vajra, and our local Country Vintner rep Graham Isaac? But I decided we needed something more intense as snow was about to come, and I thought we might need more strength?
THEN CAFE MOZART's Max cam with three glasses ' on the house, for the ladies ' of the Moscato on their list.
I ALSO PONDERED offering all three tables some port that I saw on their list and decided against it. It would have been like offering some of our MESSIAS 10 Anos Tawny, $27.99 a 750ml bottle, as that would have also pleased, or some of our BORGES Porto Ruby, $11.99, that would have also pleased us.
RENEE SAID that she had never tried grappa before and so this was a ' new ' experience for her. That pleased me as three of the ladies did try and enjoy it.
WORKING HERE I TRY always to support ' local first, local of Cleveland Park N.W. D.C., 20008! I wanted to take my wife to dine at Coppi's Organic and it was simply too far for her to go after a busy day of work. I understand that, and so to bring Coppi's Organic restaurant to her I ordered a pizza from Charlos' sister when I left work on Saturday night, and we enjoyed it thoroughly that Saturday in the comfort of our home with some excellent FITZ Sekt German Pfalz , a dry Riesling Sekt from Bad Durkheim, On Special here for $22.99 a bottle, with  12.5% alcohol by volume. It was amazing, too, both with the pizza and the Feijoada.
I ORDERED A Vegertarian-mostly pizza, asking them all there their opinion? It was a 12-inch pizza with eggplant, mushrooms, herbs, artichoke, and the pansetta was added on for me! WE loved it, really loved it, so many flavors, not heavy at all, a real treat to the finish of a really busy week for the both of usYOU KNOW IT IS GOOD when each bite illicits another comment in praise and appreciation.
SO IN THIS MANNER I brought ' local ' to our home in northern Virginia, and we were all happy And while there we discussed doing some business together, a wine dinner or two with the wines of ALMA, DOS PASSOS and IN SITU that we get from our owner, friend Manuel Rojas. We will push forward on this soon and be able to offer you some really great tasty, flavorful, impressive and yet also ' value meals ', and that is a wonderful prospect.
WE HAVE THE IN SITU Grand Reserva 2010 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon here that would also be a great Valentine's Day or weekend treat as it is smooth and drinking like a dream now and is On Special now at $16.99, regularly $26.99 a bottle, what a steal!
THIS MIGHT ALSO BE A GREAT dry, flavorful, silky and lush red to enjoy while listening to the returns tonight from New Hampshire for all our presidential candidates for the next election? This wine will warm and please you all, and I highly recommend it, HIGHLY!
FOR A WHITE to enjoy while listening to the results of the New Hampshire voters we suggest some of the ' Buried Cane ' Chardonnay, a 2014 Columbia Valley, Washington State, $14.99 a bottle, tasty, distinct, a whole lot to offer, what a great dry white to fend off the cold and soothe frazled spirits, too, lovely calming and pleasing taste.
I JUST SPOKE TO ANDREW SHAPIRO that has invented his own Ginger Brew non-alcoholic drink that he will taste again here this Saturday, noon-5PM. He will create specially for Valentine's Day cocktail, here is Andrew to type it in himself : " A splash of Reposado Tequila, Lime and Ginger Brew" makes for a perfect Valentines Day treat. See you Saturday! " We sell the El Jimador hand-Harvested 100% Blue Agave tequila reposado On Special for $19.99, and Andrew's  Ginger Brew for $1.99 a bottle.
ALL THESE ARE EXCELLENT choices to enjoy this Valentine's Day! I recommend them all, come by and check them out, try some early this week and see what you think so you have enough time to return and buy more if you like any of them as much as I/ we do.
SPEAKING OF WHICH we also have 3 other MOLETTO Grappas here in stock for you all to consider for this Valentine's Day :
     1) Grappa Di Moscato, $37.99, with 43% alcohol by volume. even smoother and softer than the Nebbiolo grappa.
     2) GRappa Di Arneis ( the Arneis makes a fine dry white wine from Piemonte, Italy where all these grappas are made. $37.99, with 43% alcohol by volume. Should be even lighter, more steely and biting, I would imagine?
     3) Grappa Di Barbera , $37.99 a 750ml bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume, should be even fuller and richer, more of a base than the Nebbiolo we enjoyed last night?
     COME TRY ALL 4, what a great way to get this Valentine's Day weekend and week-before off to a great start, especially with this bitter cold coming they say, and the rain and wet and snow of today.
          IN BEER From Santos we have :
     1) Lolita a Belgian-Style Wild Ale from GOOSE ISLAND, $20.99 for a 750ml bottle with 8.2 % alcohol by volume, from Goose Island Co., Chicago, IL., : " Develops in the bottle for up to 5 years, contains live yeast, a sediment may form, go to : for more info!

     2) Bitter Valentine Double India Pale Ale from ALEWERKS Brewing Company for a 1 Pint 6 Fluid ounce bottle, with 8.3% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a bottle. From Williamsburg, Virginia, tasty!

          IN LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir we have :
     1) Amaretto Di Saschira / LUXARDO, On Special for $27.99, something nice for the females to enjoy, although men do like it as well, soft, rich, thick, soothing, long satisfying finish, too, think about adding a splash to some sparkling wine the PIERRE LAROUSE from Alsace, France that we sell here for $9.99 a bottle? That would appeal to more people I think? Just an idea.
     2) Hazelnut liqueur from FRATELLO, $23.99 a bottle, with 20% alcohol by volume, for all of you that are nuts about your significant other! So luscious, made from the hazelnuts grown in the Piemonte region where the above-mentioned grappas are made. A grappa and this hazelnut, a bottle of each to please both palates, now that's a brilliant idea.
          TWO From PUR LIKOR, German Liqueurs :
     1) William's Pear Liqueur, $26.99 a bottle, with 25% alcohol by volume, so smooth, so easy to sip and enjoy all by itself, perfect for this damp and cold as we later go out to special meals and times together! For a 375ml bottle.
     2) Spice , a Blood-Orange liqueur produced n Germany that is a dark, deep color of amber that is still translucent and yet so rich in color alone that I just want to open the bottle here and now and sip some as I write. I really enjoyed it when I first tasted it, liked it a whole lot, it challenged my palate, excited, teased and ultimately as we alligned, pleased me immensely! Great before you voyage out into the cold, will brace and help you trace a path to your destination and new space.
     1) RUM CHATA Horchata Con Ron is a great soothing, extremely pleasing liqueur to enjoy, On Special for $23.99 a bottle, for a 750ml bottle, with 13.7% alcohol by volume. Cheers! It has been such a success story here and does unrattle nerves and make one smile.
     2) Sweet Tea from Austin's Original DEEP EDDY, it is ' new and exciting ' here now, On Special for $16.99, with all-natural ingredients, stilled 10 times in Texas, and all these DEEP EDDY voka-based beverages are doing really well here, the sales growing quickly on each! Nice for this deep cold we will have by this weekend.
     3) Los Parrales Aniversario . the Spirit of altitude - SINGANI  , from Bolivia. We have had it here now for more than a year, it has a great review in the Washington Post newspaper, a whole article about the country and this clean, lively, bright, refreshing and unique expression of the high altitudes in Bolivia, a winner! Come get some.
          WINES By Chris & Tony :
     1) Romeo From VERONA dry Veneto red , a stylish blend of Merlot and Corvina, On Special for $8.99, lovely to sip and enjoy with your special one, and needs no food, just love that is food enough!
     2) Blauburger and indigenous dry red from Austria, made by WEINGUT Josef Bauer, On Special for $9.99, regularly $14.99, inWagram, this is a refreshing, peppery, spicy, touch of forrrest-ground earth, lovely, chill 30 minutes, serve with some finger foods and enjoy and smile, feel like a million dollars becasue you feel loved!
     3) Bardolino D.O.C. , a dry red blend of mostly the Corvina grape, made in the Veneto region of Italy, this liter bottle is now On Special for $11.99, and Kelly Tate will pour it and another one or two wines here from 5-8PM, come taste with us! Great sipping, fun, tasty, will stimulate the palate, the senses, the sense of love .... the sense to be together and to share and to love and be-loved ..... ohhhhh yeah.
     4) SBS , a dry blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon Blanc from CADARETTA, in Columbia, Washington State, $19.99 a bottle, with 12.8% alcohol by volume, this wine is delicious, I absolutely loved it as it spoke the language of wine-love to me and pleased all my tastebuds when I tasted it recently. This will be a great wine to watch tonight's New Hampshire voter returns, as well as for Valentine's Day! Love it, love, love, yes, I do. I will, yes try harder to please, be plesed, smile, laugh, feel appreciative for all that we have, that I have.
     5) SHINDIG Fizzi pink , $21.49,  from New York State's Finger Lakes region is sparkling and made by Allie Shaper and from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes, with a lovely full, delicate blush, a real treat, what a pleasure, dry, crisp where needed, an orchestra, a symphony, a satisfying choral group of liquid Cabernet Franc sounds and treats!
     6) 2013 Russian River Valley Chardonnay from DONATIELLO Winery blew me away when I tasted this this past week : a butter and oak marriage of two lovers destined to stay in love for the duration of their lives, love it, it works beautifully, so balanced, so silky, so fine, great mouth-feel, a real treat! $29.99
     Wednesday, we have Alberto Cordero's wines to pour with Kelly, and Alberto here now to say a few words about these outstanding wines from Piemonte, ITaly now : in Italian : " la nostra famiglia possiede una delle piu belle estoriche aziende della zona del Barolo. 19 generazioni e quasi 700 anni distoria hanno contribuito a rendere il nostro know how unico. Eleganza ed equilibrio sono le parole magiche. Provare per credere." The wines are wonderful Alberto, we will enjoy tasting them tomorrow!
     Friday, February 12th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : WE will taste American, French and maybe other wines, will know more tomorrow! Cheers.
     Saturday, February 13th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) , we have Robert here to taste some of the fine Spanish wines like the MARTA dry rose On Special for $13.99, not $19.99, a great cava, wow, what a great treat that will be for Valentine's Day , as well as the Papillon butterfly Mania that I think will also be great in a white, from Spain, a blend of both the Viura and the Derdejo grapes, $13.99 a bottle, what a fine sipping wine to enjoy now! Wow, love it, love the labels, speaks to romance that uplifts the soul and the spirit! Cheers
     FREE TASTINGS, come taste with us, everyone always more than welcome.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the best!
BE HAVE Valentines' Day as well as President;s Day to look forwarsd to on Tuesday. February 22nd, 2016 ...
CHEERS< THANKS again for everything, you all are the very very very best!   TONY  2/9/2016