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      BY WINES I Also Mean BEERS, LIQUORS & LIQUEURS :  Of course, we have it all!
     LET'S COLLABORATE, this is an immensely talented, varied, special neighborhood with being offered, so many possibilities to share, to work on together, to harness, and to channel nthe energy, the possibilities and turn so much that ' could and should be ' into ' is '! 
     For Years This has been such a place to exchange ideas and to feel a bit more at home, welcomed, appreciated, and to learn, too. So many ideas have been exchanged here, too many to remember, some that we all used and benefitted from, sharing in what we have done together as a team.
     KEPP THESE IDEAS & THOUGHTS coming so that we have a richer, more charged, more alive, active, fun and special store and neighborhood here. AS we see it we need one another, we sink or we swim together here. That is our lot. And a great lot it is.
     WE WERE THRILLED, for example this past Sunday when Tealye Long/ partner came to pour here the Rujero Singani from Bolivia, that is high elevation estate grown , $34.99, a premium Bolivian Singani, with 40% alcohol by volume, using the Muscat of Alexandria  grapes that have grown there now for 200 years. Tealye probabbly made a traditional drink adding some ginger or some fresh lime? I will have to ask her. I was not here. But we all thanks her for coming to pour and to introduce this fine Rujero Bolivian Premium Singani to our customers. Gracias e hasta luego Tealse! Come back and introduce yourself so that I may meet you. Did you take any pictures? If you did LIKE us on our Facebook account at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and share them with us. I would have taken pictures to share if I had been here but I was home myself on this past glorious Sunday before the snow and the rain and ice today!
     THE FUN THING is that things are always brewing, always percolating, always simmering, sometimes boiling, it is important to stop by, check in, see what has, in fact just occured, just arrived, just arrived in very limited supply, with a policy of first come, first serve. Don't miss out. You walk by here anyway to and from work, so come in to scan quickly with your eyes, ogle the spectacular, salivate, dream, fantasize, ... even if for just a few seconds, thus not denying yourselves of some of the bounty and treasure that can be found, that is CPWineSpirits! Sorry for this outlandish plug, I know I am stretching things, just want to be here for you.
     " Good morning  "  Santos just said as he walked by me heading to the front of the store. It must be a sign for me to start talking about his cervesas here, aqui, a la tienda de nosotros para vosotros, si, si si si si!
          BEER  & CIDER From Santos :
     1) Sidra Natural , Natural Cider called GOBERNADOR , a drink, a bebida natural, made in the traditional method in Asturias, Spain, $9.99 for a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 6.5% alcohol.

     2) Nugget Nectar Ale from TROEGS Independent Brewing, On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 7.5% alcohol by volume, , blending the super-fresh hops into an Imperial Amber Ale that is excessively dry-hopped, a lovely expression results of pine, resin, and mango. Like the Greek wine Retsina with a splash of mango added, only ale not wine, but similar? You might also want to try some Retsina? Cheers, enjoy.

     3) Hop Rod Rye Alcohol Burnin' Monster Ale from BEAR REPUBLIC Brewing Company, Independent since 1995, from Sonoma , Caifornia, On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, : " Hop Rod Rye is a high performance, turbo charged, alcohol burnin' monster ale with dual overhead hop injection, made with 18% rye. " Come try some!

     4) The Abyss 2015 Reserve On Special for $17.99 a 1 Pint 6 Fluid Ounce bottle, from DESCHUTES Brewery from Bend, Oregon : " The Abyss : Malt beverage brewed with black strap molasses, Licorice, with Cherry bark and vanilla added with 21% aged in oak Bourbon barrels, 8% aged in oak barrels, and 21% aged in oak wine barrels." Wow, all this certainly tweeks, accents, and delineates these flavors like layers of clothing or skin working together well.

     5) Organic Pale Ale from SAMUEL SMITH Old Brewery, fermented in Stone Yorkshire Squares, Tadcaster, On Special for $7.99 a 550ml bottle, with 5% alcohol by volume, ... " captures the true soul beer. It is brewed with hard well water, best organic nalted barley, yeast and organic aroma hops. Fermentation in ' stone Yorkshire squares creates a full-bodied rounded palate. It has fresh maltiness that reminds you that good beer is a product of the soil - organically nurtured. " All good, all true, fine , exceptional quality really! Cheers, come try some, be amazed.

          LIQUEUR LIQUOR From Jagir :

     1) Sambuca Ricetta ORO Originale On Special for $29.99 for a 1 liter bottle size ( more in the bottle! ) with 38% alcohol by volume, something new and exciting, and perfect for this biting cold! Will cheer and warm you up nicely as you look out on our wintery landscape and appreciate being inside, or just from coming inside after being out in the cold!
     2) SUZE Saveur d'autrefoi : trnslates to : SUZE , flavor of another time, a full liter bottle liqueur from France, $30.99 : " ... original recipe of SUZE, giving it its characteristic taste and unique personality, On the palate, the fresh gentian gives rich, subtle and intense flavors, followed by floral notes and , while the clean bitterness offers a hint of spice. " Both Tom and David came and were thrilled we had this! Tom's wife wanted it for a special drink she discovered that featured SUZE. And David is a chef that will visit you at your home and cook up whatever you want to celebrate life, love, friends, anniversaries, whatever.
I PUT DAVID ON VIDEO  this past Saturday and that may be seen on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. Check it out. David was talking about Chartreuse, the yellow and the green, but he also spoke to me about SUZE while he was here. He is also a fine mixologist of these various liqueurs and spirits that we carry a broad range of here for you to enjoy,

     3) Dark Rum handcarfted, small batch from MT. DEFIANCE Distillery here locally in Middleburg, Virginia, $39.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, we had it sampled here this past Saturday. Yes, the day before Robert with Tradewinds Specialty Imports brought our local rep by to taste the ' new ' MT. DEFIANCE products like a fabulous ' new ' creme de Cassis. Then Robert returned to taste the two rums, the dark and the light when he also tasted out three fine Spanish wines.

Turns out that Andrew Shapiro the inventor of his own non-alcoholic GINGER BREW collaborated with Robert and made a drink with the dark rum and also his GINGER BREW that our customers quite liked. Good thinking, serendipitous moment that worked, smart thinking, thanks Andrew and Robert.
     4) Aged 5 Years in Oak REPUBLIC RUM Rhum Ron , the Old Guavaberry Brand COUNTRY ST. MARTEN, $27.99 a bottle,  with 40% alcohol by volume, nrand new here, exciting! For more info go to their web page, as it all sounds so enticing, so colorful! Go to : Cheers!
     5) Double Barrel Irish Whiskey GLENDALOUGH, $39.99 , 42% alcohol by volume : " Hand crafted in small batches and aged three and a half years in Bourbon barrels and six months in Olorosos Sherry casks. " Wow, wonderful, so much here at play, and at a very reasonable price, too : a deal.

          WINE Of Chris & Tony :

     1) Verdejo and Viura dry white blend from Rueda, Spain, this GRAN CARDIEL On Special for $10.99 was tasted here this past Saturday by Robert of Tradewinds Specialty Imports, and it sure is bright, lively, fresh and a really nice wine for sipping as well as for meal, from the 2014 vintage, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is perfect to lift the rain and the gray away from today!
     2) A dry white blend of the Portuguese grapes Arinto and also Fernao Pires, from the 2012 vintage, from Lisbao, On Special now for $8.99 a bottle, down from $15.99, it is highly recommended! I cannot say enoughgreat things about this, love, love, extra love it! Full, rich, rounded, creamy, multi-layered, wonderful, really a very special treat that will warm and please, soothe the stress and your muscles from shovelling this weekend. I did some, I am a bit sore, too.
          TWO Fine ' New ' Bubblies :
     1) Russian Sparkling wine 1870 Brut of ABRAU-DURSO, $12.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, that I was tasting recently with our local rep and that I quite liked, especially considering the price, great value, quite balanced and tasty and smooth and bright, too. Really glad to have these here at the store! Come check it out. This is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and also Sauvignon Blanc, and is fruit-forward and luscious!
     2) Edoardo Miroglio Brut Metodo Classico, On Special for $14.99 ( we iused to sell it three-four years ago for $24.99 a bottle ! ) is from Bulgaria's Thracian Valley , from the 2006 vintage, and I am floored by the depth and richness, the brightness, the layers and the bread, toast, yeast and complexity, yet complete harmony in this incredible sparkling wine made by an Italian. Bravo, this is highly highly recommended! Wonderful!
          TWO ' New ' Magnums of Wine 4 U! :
     1) Trebbiano D'Abruzzo 2014 from STELLA, $14.49 a magnum, is really showing well. Jody Jackman and Kay Mallon our local fine Winebow Group Import wine reps brought it by to taste here this past week. Chris and I both really liked it, thought it tasted so much better than some of the Pinot Grigio wines we are tasted on, and to have something more interesting and fuller, richer in body and taste, better to fend off this awful chilling cold, too, we have it here now for you! With 12.5% alcohol by volume, nice.
     2) Grenache + Syrah of LOS DOS , a 2013 dry red Spanish magnum from the Campo de Borja region, $15.49 a bottle, ( with a cork and not screw-top ) , with 14% alcohol by volume, this wine is tasty, flavorful, balanced and really nice and also represents quite a value!
          TWO More From Spain :
     1) Pazo Da Bouchina Albarino from Rias-Baixas Val do Salines, $19.99, we tasted this within the last two weeks and enjoyed hos refreshing, bright, a nice way to warm up and feel snug as you chill.
     2) Garnacha 2013 dry red from Spain fro ALBADA, $10.99 a bottle with  14.5% alcohol by volume, will rock and lull you, will soothe your tired muscles, too, a fine medium-bodied red to sip by itself and then pass over to your dinner afterward, with a glass to also enjoy with whatever your meal is, as this is quite versatile with food.
          THREE From Liguria, Italy :
     1) Pigato dry Indigenous White, from DURIN, the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, $18.99, 2014 with 12.5% alcohol by volume : to be tasted here this weekend on Friday, February 19th, 2016 from 5-8PM with Andrew Stover. Great dry delicious bright white, love it!
     2) Ormeasco di Pornassio , made with the indigenous Ormeasco grape variety, fuller, richer, much more complex than the Pigata, nice for this brrrrrrr cold of this week! $18.99 a bottle, , 2010, with 12,5% alcohol by volume.

     3) Colli Savonesi 2009 made from the Granaccia grape, i.e. the Grenache or Garnacha grape, this is a lighter, quite white pepper and spicy version, great chilled thirty minutes and served with finger foods, smoked salmon, especially wild, other smoked meats and fish, tasty, fun, something different, a great alternative to those wines you already know. From Italy.

ALL THREE will be tasted here this Friday eveining, 5-8PM, by Andrew Stover. Join us. Free tasting as they all are.
CALL or COME BY and take advantage of our Wednesday weekly specials on wine. Save every Wednesday UP TO 20% OFF when you purchase here. Call us, be sure and pay tomorrow, at : 202-363-4265. Cheers.
     Wednesday, February 16th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Chris and I will open some fine choices for you to try like VIVENCIAS 2008 ' V " Lote 01 dry red Vino de Calidad de Valtiendas, $42.99, that out to be drinking like a dream about now. We will taste it and see what we think? I am looking for another bottle or two to add, and will let that be a surprise for you all tomorrow!
     Friday, February 17th, 2016, ( 5-8PM ) : We have Andrew Stover coming to pour the three excellent wines above from Liguria, Italy, as well as the WILDEKRANS 2013 Pinotage from South Africa, too, On Special for $18.49 a bottle. Tasty, a fine red to taste next to the Granache.
     Saturday, February 18th, 2016  ( 2-6 PM ) : We have owner, winemaker Vittorio of TREMONTI here from Romagna, Italy to pour a series of his superb wines, the Albana whites that we love, from two vintages, so that you may pick your favorite, as well as some of the excellent Sangiovese, too, including some magnums of this wine from the exceptional 2010 vintage, what a chance to try and enjoy and profit from some exceptional wines that will warm us, cheer us , flatter us, what a treat!
THIS WILL BE amazing, a really fun event it will be Vittorio's second weekend wine-tasting here, the walls will shake, the wines will play to us like fine music, dance for us like fine ballet! Fun. Join us, never any charge
     THANK YOU ALL for everything, we appreciate all your support, all you do for us. Come on by. Check us out.
     AS I SAID at the beginning here : let's collaborate! Cheers! TONY
WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email that I wrote and sent in 2011 was it? Read and enjoy it and check out current availability and pricing? Thanks,  ...
      being a wine-guy I think of wine first and would enjoy myself more of the others if only I had some space left over after the wines that I enjoy - only there is never any room. Sad, I know : but I do love my wines, really I do. And last night I enjoyed some of the Aussie PIKE'S 2006 Shiraz that our local rep gave me a bottle to enjoy back in December 2009. I was supposed to enjoy it during the holidays and they came and went and so did the snowstorm of the century and it just seemed like the right thing for me to enjoy with my leg of lamb that I made for my family on President's Day and just before the Winter Olympics started again with the Men's Skateboard Cross I think it is called? The wine needed quite a bit of time to shed it's monumental, columned firmness and steel and reveal more of it's interior which it began to do about an hour after I opened it. Really it was quite excellent well into the second hour of being unscrewed as it a Stelvan-closure and does not have a cork.
     SPEAKING OF STELVAN CLOSURE some of you may know Sydney Moore Margolis that used to own the Mayflower Wines & Spirts back in the 1980's? She asked me the other day to speak about Stelvan-closure versus cork? There are two points to consider between Stelvan-closure and cork finishes to a bottle of wine:
       1) Will a wine age with Stelvan-closure? The jury is still out on that as yet. Nothing is conclusive as yet on that as the seal is pretty much air-tight and so if no air gets in at all how may the wine inside age?
       2) Is the wine with Stelvan-closure and not a cork finish any brighter and fresher? Experiments have been done on this with bottles coming from Europe of the very same wine and vintage on the same container and then judged together. The results are that the Stelvan-closure does in those cases at least preserve the freshness and brightness of the wine more than with a cork finish.
       That's good as most wines with Stelvan-closure are meant to be drunk young anyway while they are still bright and fresh and lively and less-evolved.
    WE ARE JUST THIS WEEK STARTING to pick up the many pieces as you know that last week with the " snowstorm of the century " here in Washington D.C. that it was a struggle in itself just to cross either Macomb  or Ordway Streets or to use the parallel service street between the two : one took their lives into their own hands in trying to accomplish these simple tasks that we often take completely for granted.

     WE WERE THRILLED TO BE HERE AND OPEN every day except the first Saturday ( the 5th, 2010 ) when the first snow storm hit us in a big way. Sorry for that : we would have been here if we could have. But we were prepared for the second " big storm " on Wednesday February 10th, 2010 and were pleased to discover that for many of you we were your destination point as you ventured into the elements to come and stock-up here. I decided to sleep-over in Cleveland Park on both the 9th and the 10th so as to be here with Santos, Chris and Nelson. It was quite the thrill to walk down here from the Kennedy Warren where I slept like a baby on the 9th : I was walking into the howling winds that swept white sheet after sheet of thin yet numerous snowflakes that were unrelenting and melting quickly and constantly on the touch of my skin and making me bristle with energy and alertness each and every time ...

     WE ARE SCRAMBLING TO REFILL OUR SHELVES! You all bought so much this past week and we need desperately to regroup and have the wines you so love back on our shelves. I have called some of our distributors and they have kindly passed by today so that I could order some of the basic wines that you all love from ALL OVER THE WORLD! So, on this weekend and on Monday as well the shelves will begin to fill back to their old glory days and there will be plenty to chose from. Here are some of what to expect:
     1) DELGADO Argentina Chardonnay, Malbec & Tempranillo : ALL 3 ON SALE for $9.99 and drinking beautifully.
     2) MIGUEL TORRES Chilean Chardonnay ON SALE for $10.99 / Reg: $13.49.
     3) MACABEO Spanish Indigenous dry ( TERRAI ) white, $8.49
     4) GARNACHA, Spanish dry red Rhone-Style ( TERRAI ),$8.49
     5) DOLIUM Malbec ( long out of stock ), Argentina, $13.49
     6) LE LAPIN Petit Sirahm Paso Robles, CA, $9.99
     7) LBV ( Le Bon Vin ) 2004 Napa Merlot, ON SALE $9.99
     8) BELLEVUE Loire Valley Unoaked Chardonnay, $10.99
     9) BELLEVUE Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, $11.99
   10) LA LINDA Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina, ON SALE $7.99
   11) RAMBLIN RED Paso Robles dry CA. Red, $9.99 ( a dry red blend of 45% Cab, 3o% Syrah, 20% Zin + )
   12) Corbieres dry red 2007 ( great vintage ) CHATEAU De VAUGELAS, $10.49
     THERE ARE ALSO MANY SPANISH reds coming as we are almost out, MORE MALBECS, too.
     THIS IS A FUN PERIOD : restocking as there is so much to buy and Chris and I will have a good time doing all of this together,really we will. Tomorrow will be another " big push " here for the two of us.
     I'VE LOST THE SECOND HALF ONCE again and am demoralized to the max! What BS! I'll tyr and send this now on Wednesday to at least have something out. I'm getting quickly disenfranchised with i-contact as a realiable method of sending these emails. They don't save the messages and on top of that the scree just disappeared after I pushed the " send Immediately " button. Sorry - so much more to say as we are getting so much wine here as well as liquor. I will send a follow-up to this shortly as there is so much more to add and to share with you all.  TONY

     DID YOU RECEIVE THIS ALREADY?!? I don't believe that you did and so I am sending it once again today : Friday February 19th, 2010 just before 4 PM and in time for HAPPY HOUR!

     HAPPY HOURS - 3 @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits :
       1) Friday , 5-8 PM : Chris Barker and I will open three wines for you to taste : a dry French white Picpoul, a dry French red Pinot Noir that is brand new ( $8.99 a bottle ), as well as the Lirac 2007 dry red Rhone blend from CHATEAU DE SEGRIES ( $16.49 - one of Mike Martin's " favorites " ).       2) Saturday, 3-7 PM : Chris and I will open a selection of the Elite Imports wines that we are receiving in a " boat-load " shipment tomorrow! This will be fun, this will be MAD, this will be a WHOLE LOTTA WINE AT ONCE to FILL OUR SHELVES and FLOOR as more will come again on MONDAY and FILL MORE THE STORE as we are so low on so many things thanks to you and your staying at home all last week during the constantly falling and thick snow with snow banks, sludge, mountains piled high and everywhere, crags of thick ice, danger every street corner ... and your being stir-crazy and needing/wanting to escape if only for awhile .... thanks you all ...
       3) MONDAY, Chianti right-hand-to-winemaker man stopping by to say " hello " and taste a couple of his new wines that will be coming shortly to this market from DA VINCI. Call for more info on Monday or respond to this email and I will answer as I get more of the info myself.

     SANTOZ SEZ : that we still have lots of the ABITA beers ( $8.49 ) to celebrate Mardi Gras if you missed it and still want to cheer New Orleans and listen to the Animal's : " House of the Rising Sun "...   and we have lots of GREAT LAKES, too that is brand new and selling like hotcakes these last three or so weeks.

     ALSO : Santos has a sore back as yesterday many hundreds of cases came back to us to replenish very low stocks... thank goodness, after all it is sunny and chilly and beautiful and ALMOST HAPPY HOUR!!!!!
     RAVINDER SHARMA SEZ : We have some great deals on single malts and Irish whisky:
        1) JAMESON Irish triple -Distilled Irish whisky :
          ON SALE for $22.99 ( 750ml )
          ON SALE $29.99 ( lietr bottle )
        2) GLENLIVET 12 Year-Old Single Malt, Scotland:
          ON SALE for $38.99 ( 750ml)
        3) DEWARS 12-Year-Old Blended Scottish whisky:
          ON SALE for $28.99
       NEW and EXCITING :
        1) SEAGRAMS 7 Dark Honey 750ml : ON SALE for $13.99
     CHRIZ SEZ :
        1) 2006/2007 TWO HANDS Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, ON SALE for $24.99 / regularly $49.99 - One case of each left! That's it -no more! Come and buy what you want or respond to this email so we will not be out!
        2) VINA ALBINA 2003 Reserva red Rioja from ( ON SALE for $24.99/reg: $33.99 ) is a classic, old-world-style Spanish Tempranillo blend that is showing beautifully now. Our Rep from Vintage Imports, Jeff just tasted Chris and me last week .... Medium-bodied and really quite evolved and fleshy/flirty/twinkle in it's eye/ tasty-taste-me Spanish red ...
     TONY SEZ :
       1) CAVE SPRING 2006 Riesling Estate-bottled " CVS ", $30.99 . Our rep and owner of Boutique Vineyards Theresa Morrison is here in the store now dropping off some info and she sez : " It's oyster season and this single-vineyard, limited-production ( only a few hundred cases made ) is a perfect racy pairing. "      
       2) KEO St. John Commandaria Crete dessert, $20.99 is showing beautifully. Jody Jackman had it open for Valentine's Day and we still have it to taste. Come try some : do " Valentine's Day " all over again! Who sez it only has to be once a year? It has lovely burnt caramel, toasty-roasted nutty and honey overtones that seduce one into a lovely reverie and feeling of peace and calm and cheer that is something special ...
     FOR MORE INFO : go to :, as well as : and chatpoetry and for more pictures of the snow - of you all in it here in the store and outside.
     DINNERS :
       1) @ Dino on Thursday, Marvh 4th, 2010 with owner/winemaker of the L'Espinase Rhone wines : Jean-Marc Espinases Rhone reds of Rouge Bleu and Mistral. Call Dean and Kay at Dino for more info and come meet Jean-Marc here before the dinner from 5-7 PM and taste these two excellent red Rhones. The Mistral really impressed me yesterday when our rep Charles brought it by to taste with Chris and I. It was really quite spicy and earthy and fleshy and tasty all in one. I could have easily enjoyed a full glass here if it were not for all that we have to do constantly!
     Jean-Marc just put us on his web page and a lady called me earlier yesterday morning wanting to know more about what wines we would be tasting, and if the rose was available yet? I loved that, really I did - the power of the internet forges on ....
     2) @ RASIKA Flavors Of India & HIRSCH Winery : Owner and Winemaker David Hirsch will be on hand for this 5-Course Dinner with 5 wines. It's quite the production! The menu just reads and reads and reads more and more and more to offer one to titilate and inspire/fire/desire - all the great bells and whistles that one could want ... $200 , includes tax and gratuity. Call : 202-637-1222 to reserve.> Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 7:30 PM.
     CHEERS< come and see us. We are all revved-up to be all that we can and may be for you ...   TONY