Beer/Cider Specials 5/24-31/2016 Enjoy!

THERE ARE NEW AND WELCOME CHANGES here as we work through new and exciting management where there will be a better, more positive atmosphere, more welcoming environment in which to move forward together. Jagir, Ranjit, Santos, Chris, Agostine and me, Tony will work together even more closely now to ensure that everything here is the best that we can make it for you.
CERVESAS De Santos River : Beers 4 U : Ciders, Too :
     1)  Small Batch MT. DEFIANCE Cider , Farmhouse Style Hard Cider from Virginia, On Special , with 8.8% alcohol by volume : this is really ' new and exciting here ', as we have had their spirits here now for awhile, they are all still here, the two rums, the absinthe and the creme de cassis that blows me away, it is decadently delicious and bright and refreshing, I really like it!
     SANTOS HAS ARRANGED for a MT. DEFIANCE Cider tasting here with Kimberley on Friday, June 17th, 2016, 5-8PM, no charge. This will be fun, we may also taste one or two of the spirits with our local importer Estebe Salgado, we will see about that!
     2) Scrumpy in the Gunks Cider , aged in a bourbon barrel, ' still, unfiltered cider. Contains lees. Pour off slowly or decant to evenly distribute. Store in a dark, cool place." $18.99 a bottle, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, from Aaron Burr Cidery, LLC, Wurtsboro, NY. Fun, really new and really exciting!
          BEERS now from Santos :
     1) Game Of Thrones Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Alem From OMMEGANG Brewery, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, what a great addition here considering forst the great taste and brewery as well as the fine t.v. show after that name that everyone is hooked on!
 Come try some, see what you think for this 1Pt. 9.4fluid ounce bottle, , 750ml bottle,  with 6.9% alcohol by volume. Cheere
     2) EINBECHER Mai-Ur-Bock beer from Einbecher, Germany, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $13.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles! Yes! Prost!!!