Beer Specials This Week

BEER From Santos :
1) ' The Abyss ' 2016 Reserve from DESCHUTES, $17.99 , 1 Pt 6 Fl. Oz bottles! " Imperial stout brewed with black strap molasses and licorice, dry spices with cherry bark and vanilla bean, 21% aged in oak bourbon barrels, 21% aged in oak white wine barrels, and 8% aged in New Oregon oak barrels.
2) Wizard of Koz , by FOUNDERS, Imperial stout brewed with blueberries, chocolate and vanilla aged in Bourbon barrels... $20.99, 10.5% alc. 1 Pt, 6 Fl oz!3) Coffee Porter from Kansas City's BOULEVARD Brewery, the ' Early Riser ', On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles!