Beer Specials 7/5-12/2016

BEERS From Santos :

1) From The Brazilian Folks PALMA LOUCA Premium Lager Beer, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, cerveja premium for the upcoming summer Olympics. Come get some and enjoy, you deserve some nice lager to enjoy with all his heat and sunshine now.
2) GPA from DOMINION Brewing Company, some : GRapefruit Pale Ale here for a twist and a turn and a spin and a spurr, span an ank, when you want something tasty with less bite, with a smooth taste to relax with and enjoy these warmer, hotter, more muggy moments! Try some, grapefruit is ALL The Rage!
3) Pilsner German-Style from GUNPOWDER FALLS , On Special for $10.99 a bottle,  brewed and bottled bu Bauernhof Brewing Company in New Freedon, PA. What a fun new treat!
4) ' Classique ' Postmodern Stillwater Artisanal Beer, On Special for $11.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce beers, with only 4.5% alcohol by volume, from Brooklyn, Mew York, : AGAIN : something new and fun and seasonal for you all to try, discover and enjoy with this sunshine and heat! I just walked to CVS down the block and I am all aglow from just that short walk! Can't wait to get to the beach!
5) ' Steampipe " - a ' day trippin' easy sippin' cali-style common lager  - from our stash to your glass ', On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 6% alcohol by volume, ... another summer treat, from OTTER CREEK Brewing Company in Middlebury, Vermont.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and posted on July 6th, 2010! Read and enjoy it if you have time and inquire about the current prices and availability? Cheers! I am off to see Bob Dylan perform at Wolf Trap tonight, what fun! My first time to hear and see him perform.   TONY