Beer Specials 6/21-28/16

     1) ' Hop Nosh ' Tangerine IPA 6 12-ounce cans from UINTA Brewing., On Special for $9.99, with 7.3% alcohol by volume, ... great summer heat taste, love tangerines, great marketting and packaging, too. Cheers.
     2) ' Radler ' Beer w/ fruit soda , malt beverage specialty, Grapefruit flavor, from Salzburger STIEGL, Austria, On Special for $10.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with a wonderful 3.2% alcohol by volume, easy to drink and enjoy , easy on our systems, too! Enjoy!

     3) OUD Bruin 33% Foederbeer + 67 % Young Brown Ale, made by PETRUS , a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, an ale aged in oak foeders, 3/5 on the sour scale, with only 5.5% alcohol by volume, this will appeal to those of you wanting more involvement in the tasting, more to deal with, appreciate, try on for size, fit and feel! Cheers, it is On Special for $10.99 a bottle, come get some, enjoy!

WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted in 2009 in June! Read and enjoy it if you have the time, and check for current vintages and availability and pricing! Cheers, thanks for everything, you all are the very best, you really are.  TONY