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AS I SAID last Tuesday, we only closed on Saturday, and many of you thanked us this past week for being open. It was our pleasure, we were happy to be here for you!

I JUST MET for the very first time Francesca Vajra of the C. D. VAJRA winery in Piemonte, Italy, and worked my way through some FAN ( I am a big fan ) tastic wines, starting with the Bianco  Luigi Baudana " Dragon " Langhe 2013 made of Chardonnay and Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc ( ? ), and an indigenous grape I have never heard of ... what a treat, that dry, flavorful, polished bright white, some silky Dolcetto D'Alba 2014 on our shelves now, some richer, heavier Barbera D'Alba 2013, darker, too, more for a meal, some really sinewy, briary Nebbiolo, then we moved to the two Barolo wines : the Barolo Bricco delle Viole 2011, heavier, more mouth-weight, grip, grit, rustic, great food wine, then the Barolo Baudana  2010, lighter, brighter, more elegant and airy, still so distinct,gamey, thought of wild boars and game and that kind of wildness that I like , great foor wine, both great to enjoy with a meal! Then we had the airy, light, delicate, silky, bright, polished , a Moscato d'Asti 2014, I liked that it was not so heavy or thick or rich, it will be great this spring that is coming sooner than we know it! Great tasting, really great! Grazie FRancesca Vajra e Graham Isaac of the Winebow group/ Country Vintners family of fine wines, especially these!
SOME OF THESE WINES will be here tomorrow, and we are thrilled about that! Years ago I went to Vin Italy in 2006 with Chris Pigott and we went to FRancesca's home and winery and had lunch with her parents and then a wine-tasting, too : what a grand treat! Simply wonderful.
THE SNOW IS MELTING rapidly and that is good as it sure is a contrast for me this Tuesday from last Tuesday. Sunny, bright, a lovely day today, and easy to navigate the alley way! I could see the pavement, that is nice, and no ice, so not worried about slipping and hurting myself!
WHAT MADE MY WALK really special this morning was that Roger, one of the owners of Ripple Organic restaurant called out to me : " Hey Tony ! " and we got to talking about this past week with all the snow. It was a really nice, upbeat, friendly, neighborly conversation, smiles all around, just like I like them. Thanks Roger.
EVERYONE IS COMING OUT of the woodwork today! I am seeing everyone that I would normally see last week that have all shown up today when I spend all my time writing a store email! Here it already is at 3PM and I have to work quickly now. Sorry! 
FROM Santo With BEER We Have :
     1) ' Jack Rose ' From DEALER'S CHOICE, a 750ml bottle of ale brewed with apple juice and with natural flavor, On Special for $17.99 a bottle, with 8% alcohol by volume,  new and exciting : " Jack Rose is a hybrid of beer and cider fermented with a healthy dose of Illinois apple juice and finished with pomegranate and key lime juice. It's a burst of fruit accented with a twist of citrus and a bit of spicy rye. "
     2) Berliner Weisse Sour Ale BELTWAY Brewing Company, U.S.A. , On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles  with 4% alcohol by volume,,, what a treat, the ' new wave ' in beer, new in popularity anyway.
     3) Black Sack Porter from the LEFT HAND Brewing Co. a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 6.8%, " brewed on the banks of the mighty St. Vrain, ... slight malt sweetness with notes of dark chocolate, expresso and herbal hops. "
     4) Del's Shandy from NARRAGANSETT, beer with natural lemon flavor , from Rochester, NY. Come get some, enjoy on a warmer, more bright, sun-shiny afternoon or early evening as the sun sets! On Special for $7.99 for a one pint, 16 Fl. oz can, with 4.7% alcohol by volume.
LIQUOR From Jagir :
          TWO Spectacular Rums From PLANTATION :
     1) 3 Stars Jamaican Barbados and Trinidad, a artisinal rum, from three islands, a blend, a white rum to BLOW US ALL away, $22.99 for a liter bottle,  with 41.2% alcohol by volume: " Everything started with a grass, commonly named sugar cane. " Unlike any I have ever had, here you have so much personality, so much distinct flavor and so many added layers of flavor, wonderful, quite remarkable, and the price is excellent, too!
     2) Old Artisinal amber gold colored rum, they call it the ' Original Dark ', a product of Trinidad and Tobago, also a liter size bottle, $18.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, also quite exceptional, also something worth making a special trip to find and buy and enjoy. I liked it very much, almost as well as the white.
          TWO Single Malt Scotches :
     1) The Triple Distilled ' American Oak ' from AUCHENTOSHAN, Est. 1829, for $47.99 a bottle, a really fine price offered here, something special, a heartier, more robust and thicker mouth-feel, more huff, more gruff, more smoked-bite, ahhhh, just right!
    2) The First Islay Malt from BOWMORE, Established in 1779, a single malt scotch whisky : " rich raisins and a gentle smoke lead the way to a delicious chocolaty center." It is aged 15 years, called " Darkest ", finishing polish is established in sherry casks! Oh yes! $86.99 a bottle.
WINE From Chris & Tony :
          UNDER $10 A Bottle :
     1) La Petite PERRIERE 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from SAGET La PERRIERE, vin de France, On Special for $8.99, a remarkable crispness, fresshness, brightness, mineral and citrus, explosive flavors for less that $10 : a steal!
          TWO From Chile From EVOLUCION :
     1) Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, D.O. Maule Valley, Chile, from CASADONOSO, $12.99, I liked the honest flavors and tastes, reminded me of real wine, untampered, or tampered with as little as necessary!
     2) Reserva Carmenere 2014, D.O. Maule Valley, from CASADONOSO, 13.5% alcohol by volume, again, I liked the true authenticity of these flavors and tastes, reminded me of balanced, tasty dry red wine to enjoy with a meal! Glad to have them here.
           From Argentina, a Classic : CATENA :
     1) 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon ' High Mountain Vines ' from the CATENA ZAPATA family, what made Catena famous from the first, their excellent Cab Sauv! Here is a fruit-forward, balanced, pleasing, smooth-tasting Cabernet, a pleasure! Cheers, medium-bodied, a nice way to start a meal and enjoy afterwards, too!
          TWO French Sparkling Wines :
     1) Rivarose in Salon De Provence, bottled by RIVAROSE, since 1909, Brut dry rose, $30.99 a bottle, with 12.6% alcohol by volume, a delicate, refined, bright and polished flavor, lovely!
     2) 2007 Vintage-Dated Brut French Champagne, from Champagne MOUTARD Pere Et Fils ( wonder if they have a daughter? ) , the ' Cuvee des 6 Cepages ', a blend of six different grapes, $52.99 a bottle, a great price for this quality level from one vintage, happy to have it and be able to offer it to you all! Come get some quick, we will not have this for very long once some of you discover it!
          ONE Fine Red Meritage From Brazil :
     1) 2006 Quorum Grande Tradition Bordeaux blendwith 20% Tannat, too, from LIDIO CARRARO, from Serra Gaucha, Brazil, classic, like fine aged red Bordeaux French wine , it rocks, we have sold-out several times already and are thrilled to have it here for you all for special occasions!
          ONE Fine Rioja Red From BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL :
     1) ' 200 Monges ' Reserva 2007 No. 000257 Rioja Spanish red, $63.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a fabulous dry red blend of 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, and 5% Garnacha, aged 18 months in oak, a real treat with a meal, very slow to open and reveal it's full charms, be patient.
     Friday, February 5th, 2016 : 5-8PM, We have Jim Reeves of Comete Wines here to taste some fine French wines, join us! Free, no charge!
     Saturday, February 6th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Chiara here from Il PIOPPO Imports to taste some really fine Tuscan and Veneto wines! Free, no charge, join us!
THANKS For Everything, you all are the very best, we appreciate your business!
REMEMBER : Wednesday, three ways to save big on wine purchases here!
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