Beer-CiderSPECIALS 12/6-13

     BEER & CIDER from Santos :
          BEER - 5 From WICKED WEED Brewing  :
     1) ' Old Fashioned ' barrel-aged ale , brewed with oranges and cherries, $12.99, for a 12,7 Fl Oz bottle, , with 10% alcohol, will warm us all up with this cool weather and wet drizzle now.
     2) " Xibalba ' barrel-aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale with Cacao nibs, chiles and spices. 12.7Fl Oz bottle, with 9.5% alcohol by volume, this should soother our possibly frazzled nerves?!? Cheers!
     3) ' Tyrant ' double red India Pale Ale, On Special for $6.99 , what a value, for a 500ml bottle, two! And with only 8.5% alcohol by volume, this is a great place to start to warm-up, feel a lovely glow, to feel inspired and fired and famously good!
     4) ' Dark Angel ' Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout, $12.99 for a 12 Fl, Oz, 12.7% alcohol by volume bottle  : this will be good to watch the moon tomorrow night as it peaks out from the thick cloud covering of last night!
     5) ' La Bonte ' Tart Farmhouse ale with figs, $11.99 with 6.5% alcohol by volume, for this 500ml bottle, ... and perhaps with some ' figgy pudding, too' ?!?! I think so, perfect fit, perfect timing, the weather screams - cries Mary, calls Harry for these now. Yes!
     ALL from Ashville, North Carolina.
     COME TRY THEM - buy one of each, have a beer-sampling tonight?
          TWO Hard Ciders from BOLD ROCK :
     1) Pear Cider / hard cider from BOLD ROCK, made with New Zealand pears, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.7% alcohol by volume, Virginia, naturally gluten-free, : " inspired cider blend of New Zealand pears and local Blue Ridge apples."
     2) ' Virginia DRAFT 'Hard Cider, an amber apple cider from BOLD ROCK, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.7% alcohol by volume, " " a smooth and mellow cider made from a blend of local Virginia apples. "