Beer-Cider Specials 5/16-

FURTHER, this is what we offer, not groceries and so many other categories : SIMPLY beer, cider, liqueur, liquor, other spirits and wine. Nothing more : and we are here to walk you through these selections and advise you, face-to-face, these are our specialties, and we are well-versed in them :
     - Jagir for liquor,
     - Santos for beer and ciders and spirits
     - Chris for beer, cider, liqueurs, liquors, wine and more
     - Tony ( me ) for cider , liqueurs, liquor, wine and more. Beer is not my specialty, I know some, am always learning more.
     - We all are always learning more : our doors are open to all new products, experiences, and more : as you all are interested in all of the , both ' old and new ' experiences! We have to be there to work with you on better knowing, appreciating and sharing all these.
SO : Let's stat this beautiful Tuesday with :
     BEER & CIDER From Santos Rivera :
          CIDERS :
     1) Oak Barrel Reserve cider from POTTER'S CRAFT, Free Union, VA ( go to : ( for more info ), $16.99 a 750ml bottle,  : " Patiently aged in oak barrels sourced from a local apple brandy distillery, every batch of this handcrafted cider develops unique character and complexity. Traditional barrel-aging techniques produce a full-bodied cider with intense aromas of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. ... "
     2) " Honey Hard Apple Cider from STRONGBOW, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 5% alcohol by volume, gluten-free, from the United Kingdom, with 195 calories each, with no artificial flavors or colors. Cheers!
          BEER :
          TWO From CRAZY MOUNTAIN Brewing Company :
     1) Barleywine style ale with Cranberry, the " LOcal's Stash ' from CRAZY MOUNTAIN Brewing Company, On Special for $11.99 a 750ml bottle, with 11% alcohol, 23 SRM, 35 TBU.From Boulder, Colorado, : " Many of these offerings are designed to mature and perfect with age, so be encouraged to lay them down, and let them collect some dust. "
     2) Tequila Barrel-Aged Double Wit, and ale brewed with spices, On Special for $17.99 a 750ml bottle, , with 9% alcohol by volume, with an SRM of 6, and a TBU of 20. Cheers,
     ENJOY both!
          LAGUINITAS In Cans -
     1) ' Twelfth of Never ' Ale from LAGUINITAS, a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, On Special from $11.99 , brand-new, the first time we are seeing this, come try some!